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Rebellion and Conformity in Jane Eyre

This paper focuses on the elements of rebellion and conformity that make regular appearances in Charlotte Bronte’s masterpiece, ‘Jane Eyre’. The novel consists of many cases of rebellion nevertheless there are also some occasions when the protagonist chooses to adapt to societal and religious traditions. Thus the book can be considered by many a healthy and balanced blend of defiance and peaceful surrender and this is actually turned this into one with the best-known performs of Even victorian era.


In Jane Eyre, we detect those early sparks of rebellion, which later led to active feminist movement in britain. While the story itself is usually not free from Victorian strictures, there are certain moments when an impartial rebellious tone surfaces and takes hold of the very appropriate and logical Jane Eyre. We need to recognize that the book itself is definitely not about rebellion or conformity, as being a novels of early twentieth century, nonetheless it does is made up of thought-provoking instances which allows readers to get a view of a overpowered, oppressed feminist streak of the novelist. Even though it may not be completely thought to be a feminist novel, it certainly may be termed as the first story, which passively and rather subtly discarded the Victorian restrictions. But also in Jane Eyre what seriously puzzles the readers is the speedy and complete behavioral transformation of the protagonist when she goes in into adult life. This was likely because Charlotte now Bronte was operating in a society which will would have turned down her function if it found it to rebellious in nature and so instead of positively supporting the cause of women freedom, the author has pointed out the thoughts of women of her time in controlled and unprovoked method. While in most parts of the novel, the writer has practiced restraint on her urge to openly and actively speak against the limitations that Victorian society enforced on ladies, there are still a lot of paragraphs in which she has been very daring and daring. For example , inside the following paragraph Bronte has openly uncovered her thoughts:

It is in vain to talk about human beings ought to be satisfied with tranquility: they must include action; and they’ll make this if they can find it… Women are supposed to be very calm generally: but women think just as guys feel; they require exercise for faculties, and a field for efforts just as much as their brothers do; that they suffer from also rigid a restraint, as well absolute a stagnation, exactly as guys would go through; and it is narrow-minded in their more privileged fellow-creatures to say that they can ought to confine

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