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Is the house of worship as stable and solid as it seems? In “The Very Old guy with Gigantic Wings”, Garcia Marquez uses magical realism to challenge religious beliefs; hence, demonstrating religion is usually not precisely what is seems. To start with, when the old guy with substantial wings lands in Elisenda and Pelayo’s courtyard along with concluding the fact that man has to be someone who survived a shipwreck they contact their neighbour to see him. Their neighbors proclaims right away that he or she must be a great angel.

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Her reaction to the man with wings is strictly influenced simply by faith.

The girl blindly takes on things depending on what this lady has been educated her expereince of living: “He’s an angel, ” she advised them. “He must have been coming for the child, however the poor other is so older that the rainwater knocked him down. ” (Garcia Marquez 1) This kind of shows just how religion impacts the interpretation of various situations; hence, constraining them to discover a deeper or even more meaningful relevance to any scenario.

Pelayo’s reaction is definitely guided simply by fear and insecurity, which will somehow can be portrayed inside the story to represent that the House of worship institution, produces fear instead of preaching God’s word.

How Garcia Marquez describes the angel is actually a critique towards the Church because it is described as a ragpicker in a pitiful condition and intensely old. Pelayo judges the angel in the appearance. Wasn’t the angel supposed to appear all light, attractive and divine just like church says? If he was this way, after that Pelayo could most likely prize and esteem him rather than treat him like an dog; this doesn’t only ruin the theory the Cathedral has regarding an angel, but as well results very disappointing, which means that after all, religion results to be considered a disappointment.

Garcia Marquez obviously describes how Colombian world is, and exactly how ignorant they are due to religion. The town expresses hope and expectations are the angel’s go to. Many acquired big dreams and had counted on this angel to put a finish to all their problems as though he was delivered down from God. These kinds of expectations however are not logical; they are based on their beliefs and the feelings that this angel had generated. Humans in general are always looking for the easy way away and the most basic way to place their complications to an end.

This angel served since the answer they’d all hoped for; likewise, faith does this within a daily basis. Religious persons rely the rap on Goodness for what takes place around them, if its good or bad, it is the easiest method to rationalize life’s activities limiting human’s chance of thinking for themselves; consequently , they are ignorant. As we move further, reviews towards religion and lack of knowledge continue. Among the strongest may perhaps be when Daddy Gonzaga, offers his verdict about in the event the visitor was an angel or certainly not.

He tells people this Man is usually not an angel in view of his appearance, so when he tries to communicate with him in Latina he gets no response; that staying the case, lack of knowledge takes over once again and people imagine churchmen simply because of the position they have in culture. Catholics generally believe the Church knows everything regarding life, and they also must believe that everything i have heard it said as if that they could not believe for themselves.

Father Gonzaga experienced somehow threatened by the angel’s presence as they could not be in the placement he was as well as the angel would be seen as better than him due to his divinity. “The parish priest had his initially suspicion associated with an imposter when he saw that he did not understand the vocabulary of God or understand how to greet His ministers. ” (Garcia Marquez 2). This individual takes advantage of the situation when the Old guy does not solution in the vocabulary of christ, ridiculing him and making himself appearance once again closer to God rather than the Old man.

In addition , the final summary about that the man is known as a norwegian sailor man once again ridicules the Church showing these kinds of absurd assumptions; nevertheless, he dares to create comparisons to argument his final phrase about the impostor the angel was, “He contended that in the event that wings are not the essential element in determining the between a hawk and an airline, they were also less so in the reputation of angels. ” (Garcia Marquez 2). Furthermore, taking the whole House of worship as a personality compared with the angel himself we can see the contrast of true religion and the man representation than it.

Meaning that the angel symbolizes religion by itself, and the chapel represents the institution which has corrupted this kind of divine word. Church manipulates everything to be more powerful. As opposed, the angel is extremely sufferer, he isn’t affected by what folks were doing to him and through magical realistic look, Garcia Marquez manages to create a situation through which church and humans can be looked upon unbelievably because the angel uses all the things against him to grow strong and run away; wherefore, religious beliefs is a greater authority plus more valuable than church while an company.

To conclude, through the whole account we can observe how Garcia Marquez uses magical realistic look fusing the actual of Colombian society and the divinity and fiction of your angel. This individual generates a critique to religion proclaiming that religious beliefs acts as a blindfold and restrictions humans to believe beyond what exactly they are taught to believe in; therefore, we can realize that religion in the story can perfectly in shape as a suggestions for lack of knowledge.


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