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“Drug traffickers have mixed legitimate business with their illicit activities, in part, so that the previous can cover up the latter” (Woody, 2017). This is frequently done through food échange, where prescription drugs are concealed amongst foods. An example of how this is performed is evident in a circumstance in which a transport of jalapenos and cucumbers was delivered (as the best business), in which over 90kg of Methamphetamine were hidden. Many other food can be used intended for smuggling which include, watermelons, pineapples, tortillas, salsa, cakes, frosty fish and so forth (Woody, 2017)

Narcotics will be most commonly moved via vehicles and most food smuggling, particularly, occurs by means of ships or trucks. Another method used involves atmosphere transport, including both small private planes and larger commercial planes. In terms of drug smuggling in South Africa only a lot of drugs are kept intended for local intake, most are dispatched further offshore (commonly to Europe) through air. Therefore, South Africa is utilized as an entry point to get the répartition of drugs. These drugs most commonly enter the region through our two most popular entry points, OR Tambo International Airport and the Durban port. (Rall, 2017)

To move the prescription drugs across these types of borders, on road or by simply air, persons commonly utilize following strategies of concealment:

  • They will conceal these people in their stomachs, “most [drug-] mules ingest drug packets ” generally tightly twisted balloons or perhaps condoms ” by swallowing them and transporting these people across boundaries in their bellies. ” (Woody, 2017). This method of medicine smuggling is the most common and well-known way to pass by undetected.
  • People could also transport medicines on their person, where drugs may be obscured “in wigs, prosthetic braches, taped below clothes, or perhaps in any tooth cavity they can imagine, [including the and can. ]inch (Woody, 2017). There was even a case in Panama where a woman was discovered to obtain cocaine hidden in her breasts implants.
  • Or might hide these people among their things. Drugs have already been found invisible “in wheelchairs, bibles, little one’s books, pad boxes, and in many cases inside the shell of an X-Box. ” (Unknown, 2018). An additional method of smuggling involves tunnels, this method is particularly predominant through the US-Mexico border. These are not any regular passageways, Woody identifies them as “super-tunnels furnished with electric lights, motorized buggies, and venting systems that criss-crossed the border just like veins. inch (Woody, 2017). However , this method is only utilized by large and sophisticated smuggling organizations. One other hard to detect method used for smuggling involves the use of submarines, referred to as “narco subs” (Woody, 2017). These submarines are extremely expensive to make, however , they can smuggle huge amounts of drugs making the earnings worth the investment. Catapults have also been found in which medications are virtually flung over country region. However , a far more modern and technologically advanced means of getting these kinds of drugs in the border, entails the use of drones.

    Medications are secured to a rhyme and flown straight above the borders. The first circumstance of this type of smuggling was discovered in January 2015. Profile/characteristics Research carried out in the US in 2013 found that drug traffickers will be primarily man, most had an average age of 35 years older, and almost half acquired no prior criminal chronicles (Unknown, 2015). The US Medication Enforcement Firm (DEA) lists seven features of a medication couriers, certain to discovering them in airports. The main characteristics happen to be as follows (Randal, Unknown):

  • Introduction from, or perhaps departure to, an discovered source city.
  • Transporting little or no suitcases, or lots of empty suitcases.
  • Unusual itinerary, including rapid transformation time for an extremely lengthy airplane trip.
  • Use of a great alias.
  • Carrying unusually large amounts of currency inside the many thousands of dollars, usually on their person, in briefcases or bags.
  • Purchasing airline tickets having a large amount of tiny denomination forex.
  • Unconventional nervousness further than that normally exhibited by simply passengers. The secondary attributes are (Randal, Unknown):
  • The practically exclusive usage of public transportation, specifically taxicabs, in departing through the airport.
  • Immediately making a telephone call after deplaning.
  • Giving a false or fictitious call-back telephone number while using airline being utilized.
  • Excessively repeated travel to supply or distribution cities.
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