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Excerpt from all other chapter (ofcourse not listed above):

ITT Technical Commence, Sylmar Grounds, Computer and Electronics Executive Technology (AAS), 15-MAR-04 as well as 05-MAR-06, Consumer electronics and Communications Engineering Technology (BS) 13-MAR-06 / 02-DEC-07

Department of Education

This letter can describe my experiences at ITT and why I really believe I was misled by the college and the sufferer of fraudulence. As a result of these types of experiences as well as the facts which may have come to light concerning ITT (enclosed in the Appendix), I am seeking a forgiveness in the federal mortgage based on current events that made me understand that what ITT did was a completely wrong not to only myself but to countless other people.

When i understand that my own satisfaction in the school is usually not a basis for the fraud, yet , the guarantee that ITT gave me relating to cost, work, value and experience of my personal education is what is fraudulent. That they created a great expectation of job security and economical future that was assured as long as We completed all their program.

I realized I used to be being defrauded and/or “substantial misrepresentation” simply by ITT after hearing that the school had been closed. The choice to close the institution put me and other students at risk, especially in regards to the millions of dollars in government student help. The establishments closure was fueled with a history of poor administrative capacity, financial stability, organizational sincerity, and failure to serve students successfully. As I remember my knowledge at the institution, ITT brought worse educational and monetary damage to myself and other learners. I did not understand these potential damages during enrolment till I read that the university was being closed. Actually, once i heard that ITT was closing down, I started out gathering facts, which signifies that my time limitations ought to commence about that data rather than my personal start or perhaps graduation date.

I i am outlining my argument in accordance to my experiences in Admissions, School funding, Education Encounter and Profession Placement.


I was signed up for ITT Technical Institute coming from 2004 to December 3 years ago in Sylmar, CA. My hope was going to learn new skills and increase my job opportunities. At that time I had been working as a Local 14 Union Electrician. The work was very requiring physically as well as the job security was everyday. I was used full time and was producing $31 each hour. However That i knew that at any point I could reduce my job and be back again at the bottom with the books in the union corridor.

When I first demonstrated interest with ITT, I had been soon intensely recruited getting mailers, telephone calls twice per week and I finally I decided to look the school to get a tour. Right after the head to, everything merely happened quickly. I was signed up before I knew it plus the process was easy enough. I felt good about the quick and smooth process because I had developed so much to do on my timetable. I was build to attend during the night so that I can work in the daytime. I retained up an entire time timetable and I was prepared to sacrifice for my own future.

Searching back at it, the “tour” was where it all began: my personal recruiter asked me what my personal ideal institution would be – I was candid and responded that I believed I might start at a community college or university and transfer later to a larger school like a California State or maybe a University of California. He immediately warned me against going to community college simply by stating that many of them are only regionally licensed. He then in contrast this accreditation to ITT’s national ACICS accreditation. This individual told me that national is superior to regional certification because you can take it anywhere. I required his phrase for it, yet I afterwards found out that this is simply not true: a lot of non-profit, state-owned, degree-oriented colleges are regionally accredited although, many for-profit schools happen to be nationally approved (and it is these latter types of schools that face fewer strict regulations). My employer was trying to convince me that because they are nationally licensed, ITT was superior to regionally accredited educational institutions. He actually went so far as to say that if I desired to work with pcs, ITT would possibly be better still for me than MIT.

This individual explained this kind of by saying, “98% of ITT grads are placed in jobs in their particular field of study” and the starting wages for these positions were among, “$80, 000 and $22.99, 000” 12 months. He certain me that ITT individuals big name businesses like IBM, Schumberger. This individual told me that Schumberger hires primarily via ITT’s pool area of graduates and that We would easily be capable of getting a $120, 000 to $150, 000 salary while not having to pay income taxes on the initially $100, 1000 because I’d personally be working all over the world. We didn’t understand all of this, nevertheless he spoke on power of the institution, so I recognized it for face benefit. He proceeded to assess ITT to MIT saying while MIT is the larger name, organisations are actually searching for ITT participants because they are better trained as well as the best equipped in the real-world instead of assumptive concepts that MIT could offer. Basically, this individual told me that if I wished to work in real life and produce real money then ITT is where I needed to be.

I asked about cost and the employer said that this individual could not tell me what the actual cost of presence while going to ITT mainly because it varies student to scholar. I later found out with my wife that there is an actual Cost of Attendance for every program for individuals to be able to assess schools. This individual directed me to the Educational funding Administration. This individual assured myself that they would make it work and that by the time I was prepared to graduate I’d have a high-paying job lined up that might more than compensate for the loan.

They told me that they can had a large number of software completion and this would enter play afterwards as I supposed when my own original school of 31 that concluded with a few students graduation.

It all sounded too very good to be authentic and I was so cheerful that I experienced come to ITT. Looking back, I could see how easily I dropped for what these people were selling. I used to be a number to them and made to fulfill a recruiter’s weekly and term start. They will made sure i started my own classes that first week. My spouse and i felt like through the time I had been recruited, I used to be locked in and could stay away from out among when I enrolled and when the classes started. I could not really cancel my contract.


For all the period I spent with the employer being educated on how come I should show up at ITT, I spent short while with the experts in the Financing offices. Almost everything was completed on Smartforms and anything was completed so quickly and I was pushed through so quickly that it was over before We even had time to blink. When I tried to ask how very much I would are obligated to repay, I was advised, “about $30, 000” but is not to worry because I wouldn’t have to pay back a dime right up until I was away of school intended for 6 months and the federal government will pay my interest within the loan when i was in institution. Since they agreed to do every one of the paperwork, My spouse and i never really received a chance to double check any of it. I seemed I’d just signed my entire life away with out really being aware of what I was entering return. The promises of my employer were beginning to dim since reality began to dawn.

Once all these allegations started to happen against ITT tech just lately, my wife and I started talking about my personal process in financial aid. The girl used to are a financial aid counselor pertaining to ten years and just recently quit to have the son. The girl started asking me queries regarding what should have took place and I realized that I did not actually agree to a lots of things relating to my school funding.

Some of these items include the subsequent:

When the university did my personal FAFSA in the behalf, these people were supposed to end up being named while an entity that signed my FAFSA. ITT merely signed my information away without myself reviewing and inputting my very own pin number. I did not even get a printout of my summary. I do have a learning disability and i also felt ignored, rushed and confused through the process.

I was supposed to receive entrance therapies for my federal and private loans. I used to be not aware that the even existed as the highlights of the Master Promissory Note and the private bank loan promissory be aware. I was naive on the curiosity of my personal federal and my personal loan. I did not know the difference between the backed and the unsubsidized loan.

I actually signed up for non-public loans not knowing what I was signing up for. I wanted to pay out of

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