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Will need to bicycle helmets be made necessary for all cyclist? That is what two primary students requested from their city council, a great ordinance improving the use of Bicycle Safety helmets for children below 12. Such like April twenty-five, 2002, in Richardson, Arizona, the city council had determined against a great ordinance necessitating bicycle helmets for children beneath 12. Naturally they had all their reasons for certainly not passing the request created by two young ladies. If they might have taken a critical look at the issue, they may include viewed that differently.

Assistant Metropolis Manager Robert Wanchick stated, “A motorcycle helmet seems to offer a false perception of security to the bicyclist, who experience less prone and may trip less cautiously,  Then he went on to incorporate. “As an effect, riders within the helmet may have an accident.  (Post) Now, the Bicycle Motorcycle helmet Safety Start (BHSI) statistics show four says accounted for forty percent of bicycle fatalities in 2150, With Arizona as one of all of them. Yet, Wanchick says that “our basic position is that bicycle safety is a parents’ primary obligation,  adding  What hurts youngsters are automobiles and we must be working the traffic citations away there* people who find themselves licensed to push cars, not kids learning to ride bicycles.

 (Post) Though 10 of the largest urban centers in Arizona have bicycle-helmet ordinances including Dallas and Fort Really worth. But , Richardson Texas decide to not act on this issue, but turn a blind attention to one of the silent accidental injuries and the avoidance of it by putting on a simple head protection. The BHSI says the research shows about 800 bicyclists die in the US yearly. Plus another one in ten of the cyclists injured contains a brain personal injury.

The city also cited U. S. Consumer Product Safety Commission info reports the fact that number of mind injuries to cyclists has increased by 10% percent as 1991, despite having the rise in helmet employ. Cyclist features declined as well, the data indicated, increasing the speed of brain injuries every active cyclist though the decade by 51% percent. The commission’s data also reveals a substantial decrease in cycling where helmet laws are in place. “That symbolizes a community and private damage because biking is an effective, healthy and environmentally friendly sort of transportation,  Mr. Wanchick said.

Figures from the Start for Targeted traffic Safety examination supports motorcycle helmet usage saying, “Wearing a bike helmet can reduce the likelihood of head damage by 85% percent and brain personal injury by 90% percent.  Considering the odds someone would believe it sound judgment to use a bike safety helmet when riding a bicycle on public or personal property. Not forgetting the fact that we get laws and mandatory training for driving automobiles. Why are bi-cycle operators awarded so much more place for faults? They talk about the same highway as cars yet they need no education on protection. I believe mountain bikes are regarding the only recreational vehicle that legally does not need some type of training.

Despite the information the city of Richardson, Texas, did what they believed was the right factor. I would enterprise to say they where only playing politics and the simple fact the proposal was presented by two children may include played one factor in the end consequence. Should we agree with these people? Well, that may be up to everyone individually. We myself will not agree with just how this case was handled. Seeing that research displays a dramatic rise in usage of safety helmets after the legislation was enacted. Plus analysis also implies that head traumas were slice in half by using helmets. (CMAJ) But if the two children can handle the disappointment however should also.


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