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Aim –

To determine the molecular formula of hydrated birdwatcher sulfate.

Requirements –

Hydrous copper sulfate

Electronic equilibrium

Evaporating dish

Glass pole

Tripod stand

Bunsen burner


Method –

First I acessed 3g of hydrous copper mineral sulfate on electronic stability and started out heating that in an evaporating dish on top of a Bunsen burner. Following the reaction was complete I actually measured the brand new weight to find a change in mass.

Qualitative data –

Following your reaction was complete, the colour changed from blue to white because of a loss in water crystals.

Faint green touch became apparent and good white powder was formed from crystals. Extended heating resulted in formation of oliver green colour.

Quantitative data –

Original weight of hydrous copper sulfate – 3g

Error in electronic harmony – ± 0. 001g (provided by the teacher)

Info collection –

Trial one particular

1 . 96g

Trial a couple of

1 . 87g

Trial 3

1 . 94g

Data Processing –

To minimize the errors I done three trial offers and averaged the blood pressure measurements to find a more accurate answer.

= 1 . 93 g ± 0. 001

Change in mass = (3 ± zero. 001) – (1. 93 ± 0. 001)

= 1 . 07 ± 0. 002

The change in mass was because of the loss of normal water crystals. Water (H20) includes a molar mass of 18g. Therefore the enhancements made on mass has to be equal to the mass of water present in copper sulfate.

No of moles of water evaporated = = 0. 059 ± 0. 002moles

The molar mass of desert copper sulfate is 164. 6g.

Simply no of skin moles of = = zero. 012 ± 0. 001moles

In the formula I took the simply no of skin moles of normal water as x because it is not known.

CuSO4. xH20 → CuSO4 + xH2O

According to the equation the gopher ratio between copper sulfate and normal water is you: x. Therefore 1: times = zero. 012 ± 0. 001: 0. 059 ± zero. 002

by = sama dengan 4. 9 ± zero. 588

Summary –

Hence the x value could be rounded off to 5 to get a great integer answer. This means that in 1 molecule of hydrous copper sulfate there are your five atoms of water present as deposits. The result is likewise equal to the literature value which was given by the educator and there seems to be simply no deviation for the reason that answers are taken as integer and decimal items are omitted. The only methodical error present was in digital balance. Moreover random problem could have been brought on during heating system of the salt i. e. overheating or perhaps underheating. This error depends upon what sight of colour change, therefore this really is a very hard random problem to eliminate.

Evaluation –

Because the answer is accepted as integer, there will be actually zero error even so still a whole lot of errors are possible while performing this experiment. During the heat of hydrous copper sulfate there probably some water crystals still left as a result of inappropriate stir and overheated or underheated salts would have also caused error. Primary error which is inevitable is the hydration of crystals after being heated up. The reaction is reversible plus the after warming there could had been water fumes in the air which may have combined with salt. Therefore these can also lead to deviations in benefits. To improve after these mistakes we must make sure that after the salt is heated, its weight has to be measured right away so that there exists very a fraction of the time gap between it. Furthermore proper stirring and attention taken during heating also can minimize mistakes.


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