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1 ) 1 ADVANTAGES Fast food is usually food or possibly a meal which is pre-prepared, or perhaps which can be quickly cooked at the time you order it. You can buy take out almost everywhere. Although junk food trend is quite new in Pakistan yet it is growing very fast, this indicate that such sort of fast food restaurant have a very dazzling future in Pakistan.

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The 2 major take out restaurants that have their stores in the whole globe, are giving tough competition to each other in Pakistan. Our studies based on the hypothesis that why people in Pakistan prefer APPLEBEES over Macdonald and we discovered that as a result of good quality and taste of food people prefer KFC. When KFC was introduced in Pakistan the prices was not affordable simply by people nevertheless they have reduced their prices. One reason was likewise the impressive packages as a result of which people prefer APPLEBEES over McDonald’s.

While conducting our research we as well came to know that KFC is far more advertised this is certainly one of the reasons that people prefer KFC over McDonald’s. We are going to talk about all of this inside our research. 1 ) 2 SPECULATION KFC is actually a spot lumination and McDonald’s is a aspect show.

1 . 3 ASPIRES AND AIMS The trend of fast food is definitely increasing daily in Pakistan, this studies designed to create knowledge about take out restaurant in Pakistan, and so this studies based upon two leading fast food brands in Pakistan. The main objective is to know that which in turn brand is popular among majority. Which among the list of two brands is of high quality. Which brand is more cost-effective.

Hence generally we carried out this research because the reason for writing this is to know that which in turn brand is definitely preferred and what is the reason behind it. 1 ) 4 SAMPLE In sample plan we draw test, sample is simply a section of the population selected to get research to represent the population in general. In our research we targeted people coming from 18 to 30. And so we acknowledged people who visit KFC and McDonald’s.

Our sample dimensions are 40 from your whole human population. Our research instrument for collecting main data is definitely Questionnaire through which we inquire twenty inquiries, all are close ended for accessing people’s preference. 1 . 5 METHOD The empirical analysis from the International junk food chains in Pakistan was based on the main data collected through personal observations at KFC and McDonald’s located in the dual cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Your data were gathered by filling up questionnaire during rush several hours in the afternoon between 12: 00 noon to 2: 00 l. m. In every, 40 buyers were accounted for during the survey time period in KFC and McDonald’s.

The information were gathered during the first days of January 2010. 1 . 6th LITERATURE REVIEW First we all will take into mind the history of KFC. The organization was founded since Kentucky Deep-fried Chicken simply by Colonel Harland Sanders in 1952, though the idea of KFC’s fried chicken breast actually extends back to 1930.

The company followed the close form of its name in 1991. Refining its key recipe of 11 seasonings in 1939, KFC has come a long way. With over 10, 000 shops in the world, APPLEBEES has preserved its subject, for the last 6 decades, of being the chicken Specialists. Now we all will go over the history of McDonald. At one time it was the greatest global cafe chain, however it has since been exceeded by multi-brand operator, in the competitor KFC is on top of the list.

The business enterprise began in 1940, using a restaurant opened by siblings Dick and Mac McDonald in San Bernardino, California. The present company dates the founding towards the opening of any franchised restaurant by Ray Kroc, in Des Plaines, Illinois, about April 12-15, 1955. Right now McDonald’s is present in a hundred and twenty countries with about 32000 outlets. Industry entry in Pakistan had not been a big difficulty for KFC as it is a well known international manufacturer. In that stage they did promoted through their particular brand.

Their very own promotion affirmation was KFC in Pakistan. Opening the first KFC outlet in Gulshan-e- Iqbal in 1997. KFC put on the title to be the market innovator in its market.

Serving delicious and hygienic food within a relaxing environment made KFC everyone’s beloved. Since then, KFC has been frequently introducing new releases and beginning new restaurants for its consumers. Presently APPLEBEES is branched out in nine major cities of Pakistan (Karachi, Lahore, Gujranwala, Sukkur & Muree) with more than forty five outlets nation-wide.

Apart from fulfilling our commitment of serving scrumptious, fresh and hygienic meals and at the same time offering our consumer with the supreme entertainment; APPLEBEES also takes on in the economics development of each of our country. Currently KFC provides provided to over 1200 Pakistanis, which adds approximately 6000 individuals directly reliant in APPLEBEES Pakistan. In introduction level KFC joined the market employing market-skimming strategy.

Their products had been high price and targeted only upper class. Later on they released packages which are affordable by many people people. McDonald’s Pakistan opened in Sept.

2010 1998 by Lahore and presently within seven significant cities with a network of 20 eating places. With a solid belief in the Ray Krock phrase while you are green you are developing, McDonald’s Pakistan has an aggressive plan to expand in all different cities of Pakistan which is rapidly growing together with the focus to supply friendly and quick assistance restaurant knowledge to their buyers. Today an incredible number of Pakistanis place their trust in McDonald’s each day to provide associated with food of any very high standard as well as great service.

Before five years, the response to McDonald’s visiting Pakistan has been overwhelming. McDonald’s located in Pakistan are currently making use of about 1, 000 Pakistanis and each retail outlet is been able by Pakistani managers. They have also added in other techniques than foodstuff service. Burger king has purchase of over Rs three hundred crore near your vicinity and payment of fees and duties amounting to more than Rs 100 crore. Since McDonald’s is doing so well in Pakistan they will continue to grow and add more shops in more metropolitan areas in the future.

However in Pakistan McDonald’s is faced with a tough competition by KFC. APPLEBEES and McDonald’s serve to dominate the fast food business in Pakistan. Both equally fast food chains serve almost all their customers properly, given the different categories and factors that determine the achievements of restaurants and fast food organizations in Pakistan.

However , based upon the findings of the previous research, it could be perceived that KFC is definitely running a more successful business in Pakistan, compared to the business work by McDonald’s. This was provided proof inside the article, based upon the many and varied reactions of customers to surveys, which in turn involve their evaluation of both take out restaurants, based upon a number of elements, namely, foodstuff, service, environment, price, convenience, brand, and promotion. Regarding food, though both junk food restaurants practically have the same kinds, certain dissimilarities can still be recognized.

Equally KFC and McDonald’s provide chicken and hamburger dishes including treats, desserts, and drinks. However , only KFC offers a variety of healthy side dishes, just like mashed potato, carrot coup, and that lotus fresh vegetable side food. In this sense, KFC should uphold healthful eating and nutrition with their customers. In addition , it has been stressed in the case examine that KFC appeared to have the upper hand over McDonald’s when it comes to introducing new releases in the market.

A lot of the new products of KFC, including its lunch break items, address the tastes with the Pakistani. KFC has also been introducing new products on the market in a standard rate. In terms of environment and service, even though both take out restaurants charm to their industry due to their practical lighting, sanitation, music, and decorations, nonetheless, KFC serves to have the advantage over McDonald’s. Based on the survey, more customers will be Very Satisfied with the solutions and environment of KFC over McDonald’s. This is because the waiting time in McDonald’s is actually long, when compared with KFC.

Additionally , it can also be perceived that KFC has more edge than McDonald’s, as employees in APPLEBEES have a fraction of the time to interact with customers than its equal, as the amount of their business is usually larger. The costs of foodstuff offered by both equally restaurants similarly serve the other person. However , the food offered by APPLEBEES is a bit higher, having the ability to offer some meals that are not offered by McDonald’s, such as the Family Bucket, Backyard Chicken Burger Meal, and Hot & Spicy Wing Meal. On the other hand, the volume of customers in all offered times of day, in equally weekdays and weekends is still higher in KFC as compared to McDonald’s.

Offered such statistics, it can be perceived that more buyers prefer KFC to McDonald’s, thus, indicative of the fact that KFC runs a more successful organization than their counterpart truly does. Moreover, the findings of the study show More low income and high cash flow customers choose KFC to McDonald’s, when average profits customers favor McDonald’s much more than KFC Through this sense, it might be observed that KFC has a wider range of customers when compared with McDonald’s, hence, indicating that more customers patronizes KFC. Furthermore, for the end, the resistant that KFC is managing a more successful organization than McDonald’s is suggested that not merely in Pakistan KFC comes with an upper hand but also in all over the world. 1 ) 7 DELIMITATIONS.

The problem which we experienced while doing our research are first of all the people were not very co operative to be able to fill each of our questionnaire and we have to encourage them. Another problem is that people were hesitating to fill our questionnaire. 1 . eight DATA COLLECTION Q1) What is your age group? As taken the sample between 18-32. So the people who have filled the form possess age between 18 to 32.

Q2) What is the key reason why of ingesting fast food? Q3) How often will you use fast-food services? Q4) What’s your favorite fast food place?

Q5) Rate the fast food you have stopped at the most? (3 being excessive and you being low). Q6) Which is your favorite meal? Q7) What take out restaurants do you think is most publicized? Q8) Which will fast food sequence is in the opinion is far more healthy?

Q 9) How favorable is definitely your attitude towards the fast food brands you may have eaten? (3 being excessive and you being low) Q10) How well this brands meet your needs? (3 being high and you being low) Q11) Which brand product packaging has an desirable look? (3 being excessive and one particular being low) Q12) Which will fast food cafe has an prominent outlook? Q13) Which company do you think take pleasant recollection? (3 becoming high and being low) Q14) Which brand do you consider earns pleasant money? Q15) On Average how much would you be prepared to pay for a quick food meals? Q16) Aside from food which place is far more enjoyable?

Q17) Which take out restaurant is somewhat more accessible? Q18) Which manufacturer offer bargains which have eye-catching prices? Q19) If you held your own fast food restaurant, then which usually fast food cafe attribute you would like to follow-up? 20) Do you think the continuing future of international fast-food chains in Pakistan can be bright?

1 . 9 DATA ANALYSIS Q1) What is your age group? As we have considered our sample between 18-32. So the those who have filled the proper execution have grow older between 18 to 32. Q2) precisely what is the reason of eating fast food? The main reason that individuals eat at fast food eating places is because they will like the style.

Customer wouldn’t keep coming back to a restaurant if the taste of food does not fulfill their tongue. As curry graph implies that 82% favor taste, 13% prefer convenience and five per cent price, therefore price and convenience aspect occupies a very small a part of it, only the good style allows and agree individuals to spend their cash on food. Q3) When do you employ fast-food companies? 54% check out once a month 12% visit once a year and once a week. 17% twice a week and 5% go to other period.

It looks like a lot of people go out and eat fast food once a month. In a close second place persons visit fast food restaurants 2 times a week. So pie graph result demonstrates that people want to eat take out, but simply at several interval of your time. Q4) What’s your favorite take out place?

There are tons of different junk food restaurants all over the world, but we all narrowed down the choices to McDonald’s and KFC. According to the people’s choice 80 percent people just like KFC when only twenty percent McDonald’s. APPLEBEES dominates more than McDonald’s, different questions also represent that individuals are more likely toward KFC services. Q5) Charge the take out you have frequented the most? (3 being high and one particular being low) 62%of the people prefer to visit KFC although only 15% prefer McDonald’s.

KFC are definitely the first movers of take out restaurant in Pakistan therefore they have 1st mover advantage. They were the pioneer of fast food in Pakistan. The positioning of APPLEBEES in the mind of people is extremely strong. Q6) Which one is your favorite meals? We gave various choices of food made available from both restaurants.

We prohibit people only to choose one food item which is one among their the majority of favorite According to the result 52% people like KFC rooster and 43%burger and five per cent salad. While McDonald’s salads were loved by 45%, 30% burger and 25% chicken breast pieces. Q7) What take out restaurants do you think is most publicized? The study shows a slight difference between advertisements of both eating places. As they are leading fast food restaurants in Pakistan so that they advertised practically equally to make their root base strong to promote their services.

According to the data 57% people think KFC is more promoted and 43% found McDonald’s is more marketed. Q8) Which in turn fast food cycle is in the opinion much more healthy? 67% people feel that KFC is healthier. Individuals have positive procedure towards APPLEBEES because KFC food offers less long-term health risks because its meals involves appropriate amount of nutrients.

Q9) How favorable is your attitude on the fast food brands you have eaten? (3 getting high and 1 becoming low) 55% people ranked KFC by 3 place, 37% persons at second and 8% people initially place. Yet MacDonald’s consequence differ 13% people scored KFC at 3 place, 37% persons at second and 50% people at first place. Because results undoubtedly shows the individuals have beneficial attitude towards KFC. Q10) How very well the following brands satisfy your requirements? (3 getting high and 1 getting low) fifty percent people are fully satisfied with APPLEBEES, 40% people satisfied and 10% individuals are just happy.

But MacDonald’s result vary 15% individuals are fully happy, 35% people are satisfied and 50% folks are just happy. Q11) Which brand packaging has an appealing look? (3 being substantial and 1 being low) In company packaging McDonald’s took prize over KFC. The surveys result implies that 62%people just like McDonald’s packaging style whilst only 27% people just like KFC the labels style. Q12) Which fast food restaurant has a eye-catching outlook? Although consist of aspects KFC has exceed McDonald’s but when it comes to the outlook with the restaurant 63% people like the outlook of McDonald’s in support of 37% people rated KFC.

Q13) Which will brand do you think bring enjoyable memory? (3 being substantial and staying low) Pleasant memory connected with good environment of the place and style of the food. After examination it was found that 60 per cent people’s pleasurable memory is usually associated with KFC. 32% people have KFC. 8% do not have all the pleasant memories as others. Q14) Which in turn brand do you think earns nice money?

54% people landscapes show that KFC earns pleasant funds. And in a close second place 45%rated McDonald’s. Q15) Typically how much would you expect to pay money for a fast foodstuff meal? 57% people be ready to pay an amount of at least Rs.

500 on take out meal. thirty percent agreed on paying Rs. one thousand while only 15% need to spend Rs. 1500. Q16) Apart from meals which place is more enjoyable?

The popularity of any cafe is just not based mostly on the taste and price of food just about all depend upon the enjoyable environment which include mat for kids, cheerful meal and gifts. 52% people consider McDonald’s is somewhat more enjoyable yet 48% people like the environment of APPLEBEES. Q17) Which usually fast food restaurant is more accessible? The result of this question shows an even split among both options.

The increasing craze of junk food leads both restaurant twigs to grow in order to make them easy to get to. 53% persons think KFC is more available while 47% think that McDonald’s is more attainable. Q18) Which usually brand give deals which may have attractive rates? The higher percentage of people found the prices of KFC more appealing than McDonald’s. According to the info 55% persons found rates of KFC affordable and attractive.

Although that of 45% found McDonald’s prices smart. Q19) Should you owned your own junk food restaurant, after that which junk food restaurant Feature you want to girl? The majority outcomes show that KFC has won the race within our fast food study. It is found that APPLEBEES fulfill the needs of its customers to some extent, so taking into consideration KFC because their ideal persons would like to stick to the success monitors of KFC in order to have glowing future of their very own restaurant forward. 75% persons like to the actual attributes of APPLEBEES for their own restaurant and only 25% consider McDonald’s because their ideal.

Q20) Do you think the ongoing future of International take out chains in Pakistan is definitely bright? Depending on people answers, 85%agreed together with the statement that the future of foreign fast-food organizations in Pakistan is glowing, 5% are not agreed on glowing future and 10% people have no idea regarding this. With today’s hectic life styles, time-saving products are increasingly in demand; probably the most obvious illustrations is fast food.

People want quick and convenient foods as a result, consumers rely on take out. Knowing this kind of, fast food companies are creating new ways to market their products that save time for consumers. Everything make sense although because that is what fast food should really meancheap, fast, and yummy. 1 . 15 CONCLUSION The final outcome we have sketched after doing our studies that the difficulty statement which in turn we look into our research is confirmed. Our hypothesis that KFC is within spotlight and McDonald’s is known as a side demonstrate was right and people prefer KFC over McDonald’s because of their good quality foodstuff and their reasonable price, consequently KFC get a large industry than McDonald’s in Pakistan.

1 . 14 RECOMMENDATION AND SUGGESTION After conducting the research we come face to face with a point that about 80 percent people choose KFC above McDonald’s below are a few suggestions and recommendations to both the brands. Based on the research we all suggest that McDonald’s should increase the quality of their food mainly because majority of people found McDonald’s a significantly less healthy alternative. It was also available that Macdonald’s satisfies the requirement of people to reduced extent, thus McDonald’s need hard to create up to the objectives of people.

It was found simply by our analysis that however prefer APPLEBEES over McDonald’s but they identified the packaging of McDonald’s more attractive than that of APPLEBEES, so KFC should focus on their packing and produce it more appealing. When it comes to prospect of the cafe, majority of persons like the view of KFC, so McDonald’s should improve their outlook. It absolutely was also found that KFC is better advertised; hence McDonald’s ought to work to promote their manufacturer in order to record a large amount of customer. Pakistan is a cost sensitive industry for many products and competition is powerful, so McDonald’s should keep their selling price packages. SOURCES?

Haider Tayyab, KFC McDonald’s Food Top quality Comparison, doze, 10, 2002 http://www. bandt. com. au/kfc-macdonald-food-quality-comparison/5d/0c01585d. asp? Jekanowski Mark, McDonald’s versus APPLEBEES who will succeed, 7, six, 2009, http://movementarian. com/2009/06/07/mcdonalds-versus-kfc-who-will-win/?

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