Resolving Ethical Business Challenges Essay

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1 ) Identify the ethical and legal issues which Albert has to be aware. a. Barry placing Albert or Mary’s control before the consumer order, this is called content spinning and is deemed unethical. And you have Barry requiring insider information concerning several companies b. Hostile Takeover, the union would do everything in the power to overthrow the old managing, and welcome the new managing. c. Albert’s uncle supplying him inside information on many companies planning to file personal bankruptcy. d. Purchase stock for boss and boss’s friends, and they’ll give him a benefit.

2 . Go over the advantages and drawbacks of each decision that Albert could make and has made. a. If Albert gives Barry the information, he can get to keep his cable connections and will not get exposed intended for spinning. – The disadvantage if Albert doesn’t give Barry the information, he can lose cable connections, get exposed, and Albert would be referred to as an unethical/immoral person. b. Hostile takeover kept sketching bigger clients, and a big payoff. – Disadvantage it absolutely was unethical to for him to make the cope with the union, and he would lose a lot of money and disappointed his father-in-law. c. Albert made money from his uncle’s details. –Disadvantage Albert would lose money. d. In the event Albert acquires the manager and the boss’s friends their particular stock, the advantage for Albert is the bonus he’ll get. Disadvantages; dishonest incentives and the investment risk.

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