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Virgilio “Gil Bustamante (as played by Jake Cuenca) was a commissioned of Office of Well being (DOH). This individual weaves a tale that combines various reports of people attacked with the virus, using the San Lazaro Medical center. Among all those having all their story informed are heterosexuals, homosexuals, prostitutes and medication users. The film targets three key characters; Heidi, Ivy and Vanessa. Heidi is a common housewife whom contracted the virus coming from her spouse. She was abandoned by her as well as no one of her relative talks to her.

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Her neighbor calls her prostitute and in addition they looked embarrassed on Heidi. She suffered from the bad associated with HIV.

The moment she perished her child, Victor who may be also a HIV patient was nourished simply by his grandmother. Ivy, a new call center agent discovers that she is HIV positive when ever she tries to apply for job Canada. Her plans to get a new your life abroad damaged, she must now confront the world, her work, family members, and friends with a blunder from her past.

Vanessa, his real brand was Victor, a cheerful young homosexual, and stand-up comedian whom engages in distinct sexual pleasures with multiple partners. He, with his very supportive father and mother, are inclined and eager to shares his story. Although he provides find themes for the documentary, still, it becomes harder for him to fulfill the deadline because the subjects are indecisive who won’t be able to make up the minds of men about sharing their reports in public. Therefore , with a great emanating deadline, he works after his subjects so that as he gets too active working for the documentary.

Gil was obsessed to finish his documentary regardless if his some subjects aredied and backing up and it was the reason why his girlfriend Kilometers, broke up with him, this individual still continue to finish the documentary. He learns the fight against HIV/AIDS demands responsible actions form persons.

II. Representation (500-600 phrases only)

This kind of movie is not only any other video that nor brings entertainment, chills neither threatens. It truly is far better of informing the youth through interesting reports with nearly all possible probabilities a person may suffer thru time. I actually find it very useful and it offers a lot of knowledge in the children. Many of us discovered from this film. It shows the junior in such a way of making each of them observe themselves throughout the role of each and every character in the film and figure out, with their own understanding and knowledge, the meaning that the film ought those to know and understand. That may be, to respect each and every person living in our planet because after all, nobody’s excellent. We are all allowed to be make a few mistakes and thus we should feel free for making mistakes. We should never judge anyone because we only knew what they’ve performed or what they’re under-going yet, all of us never recognized the true account behind all those.

I find myself similar to Gil Bustamante because Much like Gil, I actually am established to share every single piece of myself with all of humanity if this way, I can support every person to improve the way they live, the way they discover life as well as the way they will fight for that. Just like Mr. Bustamante, My spouse and i believed that what needs to be done. Let me also sacrifice just to complete a documented like that since I know that in that way, I am able to help a large number of people.

I had been stricken by fact that the V inside the subtitle of the film (Si Heidi, dans le cas où Ivy for si V) stood not for Vanessa ” but for Virgilio “Gil after all. This portion made me realise why Gil won’t want to make appreciate with her girlfriend as they loves her, trying to safeguard her, since the start. And I am incredibly glad mainly because even though Gil was afraid for admitting that he is also a HIV positive he admitted that. Because he knows that it can help for the youth.

If by opportunity, that I are usually in Gil Bustamante’s place, Let me also carry out, even tired, by all means to complete my own HIV/AIDS documentary since I know that we can help a lot of people. I will certainly not be shy if I have that disease because having floss virus is usually not my personal intention.


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