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RFP Response Greater Discovery bay, jamaica Development Company

Description of RFP

The more Jamaica Development Corporation (GJDC) is seeking proposals intended for development of a 58, 050 square ft . property located on the western edge of Discovery bay, jamaica, Queens. The home is composed of 10 contiguous a lot containing different structures. This website is located in this sort of a way as to become a transit-oriented site due to its proximity to JFK Air-port. Jamaica may be the first quit on the way to all the other Boroughs of New York Town. The site is zoned to get high density, mixed use expansion and will be the prospective of many system investments to become completed by the year 2016.

Required Parts

The RFP response need to include a in depth narrative description of the task including the type and scale development, the location, and an in depth descriptions of each of the services that will be encased within the advancement complex. It should include a explanation of the quantity of parking spaces, as well as the type and quantity of commercial renters. It must include a list of potential tenants intended for the proposed project and any flat sizes, profits requirements, or perhaps subsidy courses that will be useful for residential real estate in the sophisticated. It must add a narrative describing all presumptions contained in the RFP, with special attention to the existing tenant, Duane Reade, that will enable them to keep their current store structure and idea.

The RFP must include the architectural design and web page plan, including square footage as well as schematics, floor plans, material costs, materials sources, and architectural images that indicate scale with the project and how it will blend into the surrounding community. It must also include a section on how the task will fulfill the requirements of green building and sustainable design. The style process must use as much natural lighting as possible, the cheapest amount of fraw elements, and a great assessment of how it will effect the human environment surrounding that. It must are the projected LEED rating of the final project according to the United states of america Green Building Council and the City’s Lively Design Suggestions.

The job must addresses zoning computations, including make use of groups, and any mortgage approvals that may be needed. Traffic plans and circulation must also always be included in the RFP. The requirements contain analysis of drop off, car pooling, as well as the flow of visitors according to the time of day and any other traffic issues that may affect the site.

The RFP requires that the purchase price be expressed in a set dollar amount with no contingencies. The developer should be prepared to pay the full amount at concluding. It must state the RFP’s requirement that the property will be delivered in an “as is” condition without implied or expressed warranties.

The RFP requires that respondents must provide recommended revisions to the draft deal. It must consist of development milestones and job phases, which include dates for commencement and completion of each phase. It must include a assertion the surveys takers is ready to complete the purchase of this website and project according to the suggested time schedule. Suggested changes will be used in the negotiation in the

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