rising poverty in the country s young people

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Homeless Youth, Homelessness, Lower income, Child Poverty

Excerpt via ‘Literature Review’ chapter:

families live in poverty. Many of these family members are living in such severe conditions that they can cannot afford possibly such fundamental needs while food for every meal. Living and developing up in this kind of conditions affects every area of life and ultimately the as a whole. The escalation of poverty amongst families generate tremendous problems for children. It can negatively influence a growing infant’s mental and physical wellness, for example. Such conditions as well affect education. A child experiencing chronic mental or physical circumstances related to low income cannot receive optimal educational opportunities. Eventually, such children will not be in a position to contribute to the overall economy of the region or arrange his or her individual well-being on the globe. This, consequently, creates further burdens for the country’s welfare system. For this reason, it is important to study the contributing elements to low income in the country to find solutions and to help families afflicted by low income and its linked conditions to elevate themselves toward better monetary conditions. This can be then as well the purpose of this kind of literature assessment. An important tendency in the literature is the way the parent-child romance is afflicted with one of the most common effects of poverty, which is homelessness or non commercial instability. Indeed, many mom and dad are unable to effectively nurture and bond with their children resulting from the many tension factors they will face every day. This has results on the mental and physical health of kids, along with their potential customers of education and upcoming gainful employment.

Aratani (2009) confirms that housing is definitely pivotal inside the well-being of families plus the children that form part of such families. The author constitutes a particular point of focusing on the stability of housing in affecting the well-being and development of children. The lack of affordable housing generally creates not only a situation in which families are homeless, although could also lead to moving from home to home frequently and/or showing homes with family or perhaps friends. This instability features fundamental effects on the development and growth of small children.

Statistics disclose the dreadful extent in the problem (Aratani, 2009). With the more than 1 ) 5 million children surviving in families with no stable home, 42% are less than 6 years old. These types of families are likely to be advancing by one mothers in their twenties, with young children getting part of the household.

Aratani (2009) reports the most frequent causes of homelessness as deficiency of affordable enclosure, poverty, and domestic violence. Another component of concern relevant to homelessness is a number of “unaccompanied youth” who also face homelessness. Factors that play a role here are mental condition and substance abuse, along with the prevalent factor of less than affordable housing.

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