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May possibly we find response to the question from rituals which can be still present? Might right now there be a piece of theatre that has turned into a ritual because time passed by? Maybe marriage, practice that is even now performed generally and in various ways in all several religions. It may have been only a piece of functionality of two people joining and making a family, but when it has become more important and it is often developed into a ritual and simultaneously obtained its faith based context?

The slaughter of twelve centers and a bull during carnival, in Venice started to be ritualized in an elaborate type of rights and dominance, superiority. In this case performance gained more contexts and became a practice just like the example about the marriage. It seems that in ritual the content is more serious and significant than in theatre, although theater can be religious, glorify someone or something, or educate.

If we would depend on written evidence, in which should we all start looking to get a beginning of the contemporary western drama, as we know this now? The ancient Egyptians had shows that might be named drama or ritual depending on viewpoint. So why, well in the event one would look a people possessing a Holy Accord in the Church of Great britain wouldnt that be a ritual? But if you imagine you wouldnt know anything about Christianity and you found the Holy Communion dished up would that look like a piece of performance to you? But as we all know by the understanding achieved from the hieroglyphics that they can had a spiritual context in the rituals that they performed, that is why I think that they didnt conduct theatre although ritual. As well as the ritual was performed annually on the first day of spring, which indicates towards routine as well.

For what reason didnt Egyptians develop their ritual right into a drama? What didnt the Egyptians achieve that Greeks did so that they are considered as the first whom performed cinema, as it is known in The european countries nowadays? Even as we look at the civilisation in Egypt we realize that it slept about the same for 3, 000years not changing much. That suggests that all their civilisation opposed change which was the reasons why they didnt develop cinema into a identical way since the Greeks did.

Finally I would like to perform what Oscar G. Brockett suggests that we all do in order to find the beginnings of theatre, imagine time before theatrical elements were discovered. That might take us back so far as before The Snow age about 30, 500 years ago. Guy hunted mastodons and environment was generally cooler than it is now. What such gentleman would do to invent rituals or perhaps theatre? I assume that people while social beings had by simply that time discovered that it is good for group up so that you can specialise yourself to certain task. Now there for many were individuals that were hunters and the ones who also gathered food from the ground, although were there poets?

Dramatists? Probably not. So what could have ignited this sort of behaviour? May it had been the fact that spoken language was still yet to be found out? Theatre or perhaps mime was needed in order to communicate. Perhaps at winter, what probably was tad similar that I have experienced in Finland, people got bored and advised stories of past summers hunting journeys to each other to make them more vivid simply by acting the movements and creating a few costumes to imitate the overall game. Or was there a medicine guy that acted out rituals as he tried to order the bad spirits to leave the sick person?

Perhaps the voiced language was invented, the type of events might they have had to create theatre or perhaps ritual? It can be well known that lots of of the habit takes place in spring for example the Mephite Crisis performed by Egyptians in 4000BC. Planting season was time of celebration for everyone who has spent time in a chilly snowy environment for a whole winter. Winter weather was probably the worst hunting season, those that have made living bit uncertain, but as spring emerged there was foodstuff to gather and individuals could get hunting again. That certainly will be occasion well worth celebrating, maybe that special event became a ritual that glorified springtime and the mood that got the cold relatively hazardous winter apart.

One way or the other I think that theatre and practice are so strongly connected that they have had affect on each various other somehow because they have developed. Whether ritual was your origin that theatre grew apart from one can possibly only think, play with the theory, agree with Frazer and his friend anthropologists or take a fabricated journey for the past time ahead of time and observe what you might find?

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