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Riverview Regional Medical Center

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Riverview Regional Medical Center

Over the last several years, Riverview Regional Medical Center (RRMC) has been going through a number of challenges. This is because there were transformations in how distinct services happen to be: provided, awareness about the facility’s fiscal stability and reimbursements from government courses. The combination of these factors has created functional difficulties. This really is from the intense competition they are facing coming from Gadsden Regional Medical Center (GRMC) and the College or university of Alabama.

Yet, they can be known for having some of the best programs (in the state) to include: cardiovascular system burn, heart and vascular treatment options. Because of this, the service has the potential to become one of the premiere private hospitals in the location. However , the underlying problems are affecting their ability to remain financially viable down the road. To fully understand what is occurring needs looking at: different stakeholder organizations, the target market segments of existing programs as well as gaps inside the firm’s current strategy, the services / items that could be produced with existing resources, the services that must be increased, how the organization can cope with its image problem plus the best strategy for enhancing the relationship with staff. Jointly, these distinct elements is going to highlight the underlying challenges impacting a healthcare facility and conceivable strategies for working with them. This is the point that RRMC could be more responsive to requirements of stakeholders (leading for an increase in their bottom line results). (“Riverview Regional Medical Center, inch 2005, pp. 686 – 704)

Identify the 6 (6) stakeholder groups for Riverview Regional Medical Center (RRMC).

The six different stakeholders groups include: the community / patients, the board of directors, HMA shareholders, the staff, management inside the facility and regulators. The city and their awareness of RRMC will have a direct impact on the count of types of procedures that are performed. This is because, any sort of positive or perhaps negative impression will be compared with the services provided by GRMC plus the University of Alabama. Consequently, maintaining a positive image is very important for the long-term success of the facility inside the community. (“Riverview Local Medical Center, inches 2005, pp. 686 – 704)

The board of directors is concerned about getting together with the larger aims for the parent business (HMA). Because of this they want to enhance their profit margins drastically and reduce costs. Any kind of enhancements or slice backs, are created to provide the facility with more of your advantage in reaching these kinds of objectives. (“Riverview Regional Medical Center, ” june 2006, pp. 686 – 704)

HMA investors want to see the gains at clinic maximized. This will help to to lead to an increase in the income per talk about of the company. Over the course of period, this creates a large increase in the value of the stock. Once this happens, is if the parent business can compete more effectively against other services. (“Riverview Local Medical Center, ” 2005, pp. 686 – 704)

The staff plays a major part in delivering good quality services feasible. Their involvement in courses is essential intended for ensuring that awareness improve and even more treatment options are offered. In the future, this will have an effect on the earnings of the center with sufferers comparing the quality to others in the area. (“Riverview Regional The hospital, ” june 2006, pp. 686 – 704)

The managing helps to set the tone of the working environment. This occurs based on: the kinds of programs which might be enacted, how fast they interact to changes plus the quality of services. These factors will decide if individuals will use the facility to address their health care requires. (“Riverview Local Medical Center, ” 2005, pp. 686 – 704)

Regulators will have a direct impact upon the specific rules which can be applied plus the amount of reimbursements supplied. This will have an impact on the profit margins and costs for a healthcare facility. As a result, any sort of sudden adjustments from this band of stakeholders is going to influence profit margins of the service. (“Riverview Local Medical Center, inches 2005, pp. 686 – 704)

Go over the target markets of existing programs and identify gaps in RRMC’s marketing strategy.

The target market that RRMC courses currently focus on is the basic population. Evidence of this can be viewed with the total number of methods that were cured in the er last year (i. e. chest, abdominal, back pain treatments and shortness of breath). These areas are illustrating that the medical center is a great emphasis on: basic practice and family medication. As a result, all their target audience is mainly middle to low cash flow families (in the form of their primary treatment provider). (“Riverview Regional Clinic, ” 2006, pp. 686 – 704)

The biggest breaks in their marketing strategy, is that they are taking a one size fits most approach (when it comes to their particular customers). This is because the service has a custom of rendering these kinds of services to the community. In general, this has helped RRMC to create applications that are were made to these segments. However , the most important problem with this tactic is the facility is trying to provide something to everyone. This has resulted in applications closing straight down that were popular, but acquired no strategic economic benefit. When this happened, the hospital began to come with an image problem that hurt demand. (“Riverview Regional Clinic, ” 2005, pp. 686 – 704)

Moreover, this focus can be resulting in a decrease from programs such as Medicare and Medical planning. This is pushing the service to have diverse costs set ups that are used by these applications and everyone different. At the same time, the Medi Key program is only shifting the marketing strategy towards the same target audience using a distinct format. Problems are uncomfortable, as they are not really providing various other avenues pertaining to reaching out to people. (“Riverview Local Medical Center, inch 2005, pp. 686 – 704)

Go over new products or services that could be produced with existing resources.

The brand new services which can be developed with hospital’s resources are: improved access to professionals and more outpatient clinics. The way that a system of specialists can be implemented should be to: determine what procedures are included in GRMC, the University of Alabama and other facilities in the area. Individuals services which were reduced, eradicated or are difficult to get will be examined as possible courses of interest. It can be at this point that the study will be conducted to ascertain if it is economically viable and may address specific needs of different stakeholders. Regarding RRMC, some programs that could be implemented consist of: cancer treatment, pediatrics and diabetes analysis. (Holland, 2011) (Liu, 2008) (“Riverview Regional Medical Center, inches 2005, pp. 686 – 704)

As well, general solutions could be are available the form of outpatient clinics. This can be accomplished by partnering with non-profits (i. e. The Red Combination and Doctors without Borders) to reduce costs and address critical demands in the community. In the event that this kind of way can be used, it helps the hospital to provide more companies and decrease the exact amount of expenditures. (“Living Towns Partners to Promote National Collaboration, ” 2011) (“Riverview Regional Medical Center, ” 2005, pp. 686 – 704)

Go over services that need to be strengthened and promoted to regulate out migration from the primary service area.

The services that really must be strengthened consist of: the government get working with armed service families as well as veterans, the Women’s Pavilion needs to be reopened and the service must get rid of duplicate services. If the romantic relationship is increased with armed forces families and veterans, this might help to give the hospital using a larger individual load. To reduce costs and increase quality, the various non-profits could use the facility in dealing with specific demands on select days of the week (i. e. Wednesday and Thursday). This will reduce the liabilities associated with running the program and improve the underlying services. (“Riverview Local Medical Center, inch 2005, pp. 686 – 704)

In the event the Women’s Pavilion was reopened, this would provide everyone even more confidence about the economic strength of RRMC. One particular possible approach that can be used to help defray the long-term costs is to operate conjunction with foundations which could offer grants. Moreover, select parts of the facility could possibly be rented out as medical office space. This may help decrease the costs and supply added levels of income to get RRMC. (“Riverview Regional Medical Center, ” june 2006, pp. 686 – 704)

The reduction of copy services stop RRMC via directly competitive against various other hospitals inside the same market. Instead, delivering services that these organizations will not offer will address one of the most critical demands of the community. This is when patients will begin to find RRMC in a different way and will make use of the hospital for anyone services. (“Riverview Regional Clinic, ” 2006, pp. 686 – 704)

Describe what RRMC must do to table its image problem in the community because of its decision to close the Women’s Stand.

If RRMC was able to reopen the Women’s Pavilion, it can directly talk about the image difficulty. The only difference is that some type of approach must be used that will ensure there is substitute

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