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Counseling services are used with the intention of benefit a patient in the assistance and guidance of resolving problems and difficulties within just personal, sociable, or internal components of their very own lives (Dictionary. com, 2011). A properly educated professional in the marketplace of counseling services is responsible for determining a client to be able to determine what route to take in guiding the patient through their life. It is essential for the counselor to thoroughly concentrate on testing the client psychologically, cognitively, and procedures that could better support clients to generate career and life plans successfully (Hood Johnson, 2002).

Analyses are used as a dimension device or perhaps technique in order to comprehend and predict a certain behavior demonstrated within the customer (Kaplan Saccuzzo, 2009). A psychological test measures qualities of man behavior. A psychological test can assess many different man traits and behaviors, including overt actions or covert behaviors (Kaplan Saccuzzo, 2009). In the event that someone is reported a counselor and the counselor then supervises a internal test, there exists a three step process the counselor need to complete. Initially, the counselor must pick the type of test they wish to implement. Depending on customer needs, multiple tests could possibly be administered. Tests may measure previous learning, work abilities, problem solving abilities, or character (Kaplan Saccuzzo, 2009). As soon as the test can be administered, it is to be examined by the counselor or different qualified pros. Unlike tests administered at work or college, percentages of correct answers can be deceiving to the experts and clients, which is why an experienced professional is necessary read the test and explain it properly to clients. Neglecting this significant step can result in massive distress, despair, or concern for the patient and the support group (Kaplan Saccuzzo, 2009).

Cognitive testing is used to assess a patient’s attention, memory, problem-solving, vocabulary, and mental functioning abilities. To measure cognitive functions, counselors issue pencil and paper tasks to their consumers. The information can be greatly much easier to assess than that of internal tests, as it is more interpretive based on anticipated levels of performances of others in the same

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