role of social media during the hurricane katrina

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Hurricane Katrina

Rhetorical Evaluation Paper

“Controlling Unfortunate occurances: Recognizing Important Goals After Hurricane Katrina” by Lee M. Miller, focuses on the impact Hurricane Katrina which experienced occurred in overdue August of 2005. Which in turn had set tons of many individuals in issues one could certainly not imagine. It also put several processes of recovery that had to happen. Miller discusses many different issues about Storm Katrina, such as ones regular minds will not ponder. During “Controlling Disasters” Miller brings up the topic of social media and how it can be skewed to have the publics attention. Miller effectively argues relating to this topic.

One strategy miller uses is located on-page 125 which states, “The White persons had simply ‘found’ meals and the Dark person had ‘looted. ‘” In this offer is the common misunderstanding about how precisely racism happens. In a sense the black individuals are doing exactly the same thing as the white males. Unlike when the white guy does it, it truly is considered a crime. The media had a discipline day with this because of the large percentage of black people surviving in this area. In line with the text prior to the storm, “sixty seven percent of New Orleans’ residents had been Black” (Miller 125). With this large population the media could easily rpm the perspective of what the persons watching from your home could observe. Especially since a large amount of this kind of population made up the majority of the poor living in that area.

Another way the media acquired twisted what the public got seen was how they only showed, according to Miller on page 126, “images of chaos and anarchy. inches When the public gets this kind of in their brain why will anyone desire to help people who have aren’t actually helping themselves? This kept a lot of people stuck and concerned about what they can do on their own, or even the way they would regrow after all this was more than. Overall this kind of helped the federal government send in the National Shield to take on play and appear like the characters. If it was not for this persons still will be suffering from the tremendous destruction that acquired occurred.

Another element Miller centered on in the content was the proven fact that the Criminal Justice Program had a “risk management” system. On page 126 Miller introduces that the prison had opened up to regular scheduled practice even though 25, 000 individuals were still in dire want of help. These 25, 000 people still were ready to be rescued. This sounds like the criminal justice system only helped themselves, without took action to help those in require. This does not seem as if their “risk management” program was in full stride to the open public, only to there own get together.

As one could tell after looking over this Lee M. Miller had successfully produced her declare that the social media had dramatized the actions going on to get the publics attention. This was completed with the use of racism and the activities of turmoil and disturbance during the circumstance.

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