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The story of Romeo and Juliet contains many controversial topics which have been mainly focused on teenagers. The most beautiful fact concerning this story is the fact even though this kind of story was written hundreds of years ago, the teenagers today still go through the same ordeals or, also wonderful events as well.

One of those important matters in this history was friendship. Romeo and Mercurito’s camaraderie was portrayed as what folks would contact today a “best friends status. This is quite apparent in the text message and both Romeo and Juliet films; especially when seeing Romeo’s reaction to Mercurito’s loss of life.

On the other hand, although the status of Romeo and Mercurito’s friendship wasn’t since relevant, many viewers will still be able to inform that theirs’ was different from the others’.

Hatred, while not shown in the same way, was also an important topic shown with this story. If perhaps anything, hate was the most significant topic since it is what triggered all of the pudgy events and ordeals that took place.

Hatred was shown through disputes that had been started well before the present time, and also through “nationality pride; however , all these forms of hate were created from one thing: ignorance. If everyone might have just ended being uninformed and basing their probe of good manners on preposterous theories, just like discrimination and tradition, non-e of the concerns they experienced would have took place. For the written text and Romeo and Juliet movies, the families didn’t even find out why these were enemies to each other, in a way. What is the point of fighting if perhaps there’s no perfect reason for the dispute? In West Part Story, the two “gangs, although ignorant, for least had a set-reason for dispute.

Raising topic that portrays the lives of teenagers today, of course , can be love. Unreasonable love, that may be. It was one of those petty, “love at first glance romantic flings that simply flew away and proceeded to go too far. Could it be just myself or is it pretty odd to marry less than a week after you satisfy each other? Very well obviously, this wasn’t only Romeo and Juliet’s problem, but likewise Friar Lawrence’s as well. Yes, it is commonly wrong to “bud in on a romantic relationship, but , for exceptions of their age only, Friar needs to have at least asked the parents before marriage them so easily. Don’t the Friar at least consider the simple fact that the “newlyweds were from both disputingfamilies that literally hated each other?

On the other hand, the love of Tony and Karen (West Area Story) was not as absurd. Although they had acted out a marriage together the second period they achieved, it wasn’t as pointless as becoming newlyweds so quickly. Their take pleasure in was simply a love that most teens encounter today: The sort of love if the one won’t be able to stop thinking about the various other, and when they do, they the two still acquire butterflies within their stomachs due to just the thought of being with him/her.

Although not pictured in Western Side Account, competition was another teenage-based topic in Romeo and Juliet. Your competition between Romeo and Paris, france is roundabout, since during most of the story, Paris does not even know a Romeo, or what Juliet is actually thinking about, with regards to her love-life, that is. Paris still thinks that Juliet is in love with him, but still ensures himself wedding of Juliet by requesting her dad for the permission. Meanwhile, Romeo recognizes Juliet frequently, and their love for each other just retains getting larger and larger (it could be deemed addictive upon both parts). However , the moment Paris begins to realize that Romeo is taking Juliet from him, Paris starts to take items upon his own. This individual does this by simply dueling it with the reluctant Romeo on the churchyard where Juliet’s “dead body was kept, till Romeo is victorious and gets rid of Paris. This kind of chain of events could also be described as laying out jealousy, seeing that that is essentially why Paris tried to get rid of Romeo.

In Romeo and Juliet, William shakespeare did not simply write a marvelous novel which will be remembered forever, but acquired also believed the events that all teenagers may come to face. Hatred, jealousy, competition, love, companionship, will most come into play during a teenager’s life-cycle, for better or perhaps for worse. Even though many topics are related inside the teenage time, this tale can associate and educate anyone any kind of time age; it just matters the actual reader’s standpoint is for the story. Yet , this tale has a lessons of its that is a common saying parents use today: Think ahead of you take action. If anyone with this story would had thought out their results for every thing, non-e from the tragedies could have occurred.

For what reason? Because in the event that theythought with what they were undertaking, they would include known that their decision was incorrect and may have probably came up with a decent answer. For instance, the most popular war the world is facing as we speak. As a result of quick-thinking that took place, more death is happening than serenity. The main desired goals of this battle are not becoming completed. This can be all as a result of quick-thinking, and actions that can come out of anger. This is just what Shakespeare, centuries ago, was saying! Isn’t very it a shame the fact that humans in the present world will make all types of enhancing technology, although cannot turn their own? This piece of art is not just a work of art, but essentially a way of lifestyle, and the world keeps proving this more and more.

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