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S1-Why is Friar Laurence reluctant to marry Paris, france to Juliet?

Friar Lawrence is concerned because Paris will not “know the mind of Juliet. Quite simply, Paris will not know if perhaps she desires to get married to him.

S1-How really does Paris make clear the abrupt haste from the marriage ideas?

Paris clarifies that it is a good thing to run the marriage as a long “mourning period and extended despair is harmful. Paris clarifies that Capulet is smart to rush the marriage to stop Juliet’s crying.

S1-What is satrical about the conversation between Juliet and Paris?

Juliet and Paris talk about appreciate and croyance of love to Friar Lawrence. Juliet truly confesses her love for Romeo to Paris, nevertheless he remains unaware of her “confession. 

S1-If Friar Laurence cannot help her, what does Juliet threaten to do?

Juliet tells the Friar that she will kill herself by simply letting the “bloody knife play fault the umpire.


S1-Why does Friar Laurence think that Juliet will accept his plan?

Friar Lawrence believes that Juliet will accept his plan since she is and so willing to die rather than get married to Paris. The Friar believes that his plan that feigns fatality will be a very good solution to the challenge.

S1-Describe the friar’s plan for Juliet.

The Friar tells Juliet to go home and tell her parents that she is willing to marry Rome. After the lady tells all of them the news, she actually is to go into her room and beverage a vial of water. The liquefied that your woman drinks will minimize her pulse and turn her skin cold. Juliet will be to be deceased for 40 hours, after which she will awaken from a “pleasant rest. 

S2-What does Juliet admit makes her father completely happy?

Juliet tells her father that the girl was wrong to go against him. The girl asks him for her forgiveness and tells him that she will carry out whatever this individual asks of her.

S2-How will Juliet show her maturity and independence with this scene?

After hearing Juliet’s willingness to marry Capulet, he makes a decision to move the wedding. The wedding will now be organised the next day. This creates a issue in the timeline the Friar has established for the poison and notification of Romeo

S3-If the potion can not work, what will Juliet do?

By one justification in the scene she queries whether she actually is doing the proper thing. To get only a short while she shows asking the nurse for guidance with her decision. Juliet makes a decision to go through with the plan structured on her plus the Friar without consulting anyone else.

S3-If the concoction does not work, what will Juliet do?

As this wounderful woman has stated in the previous scene, Juliet will use a knife and take her own existence if the poison does not work.

S3-What are some of the concerns Juliet has about the potion?

Juliet is frightened the Friar may possess mixed the potion incorrectly. She thinks it may be poison. Juliet likewise worries that she will awaken in the burial place before Romeo comes to preserve her. This kind of worries her because she is not sure in the event that she will have air inside tomb leading to her to die of suffocation. She also comments within the rotting human body of Tybalt that is lying down in the tomb.

S4-What is happening in this brief field?

Scene IV is a very short scene that shows each of the Capulets planning for tomorrow’s wedding party. The servingmen are preparing logs for the fire and setting desks. The at home cooks are working in the food which will be served to the guests.

S5-Describe the imagery William shakespeare uses in describing Juliet’s “death?

“Her blood is usually settled, and her joints are stiff ” lividity and rigor mortis

“Death is on her as an untimely frost upon the sweetest flower ” Ice will kill plants and flowers

S5-What does Friar Laurence say to ease and comfort the Capulet family?

Friar tells the Capulets that heaven gave them Juliet, now heaven has a requirement of her and she will experience eternal lifestyle; therefore , we ought to be happy on her behalf since the girl with resting in heaven.

S5-What also are the Capulets now finding your way through?

The Capulets are now finding your way through a burial instead of the marriage. Capulet signifies they will make use of the same foodstuff and stand settings; however , they will play sad music as his “joys happen to be buried.

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