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Environmental noise

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Excerpt from Exploration Paper:

Problems with old residents took place because although the arena is a different region than elderly residential flats, these two areas are adjoining. Residents and owners in the arena area need to interact to find innovative solutions that could satisfy both equally needs.


These administration issues present challenges that could affect the status and foreseeable future ability of the Roppongi Slopes to remain one of the desirable places in Tokyo. The issues with noise in the arena affecting residents might lead to populations in the area to decline. Vacant apartments aren’t profitable and make the area look much less attractive, which may have an impact on revenues of in the complete area. The perception that management is ignoring 55 not good pr policy. A grievance system needs to be set up so that citizens feel they may have input in to the system. Fixing these issues is the best way to deal with these and other similar concerns.

The Roppongi Hills contain small aspects of gardens offering a change of scenery for residents and visitors. The most recent project should be to increase the volume of green space inside the city within the city. Current projects range from the installation of roof gardens (Green Roofs, 2011). It is even more recommended that green tasks such as these continue, as they will increase the ability to enjoy the area. The area’s reputation as an art district could also be further enhanced by providing space wherever activities can take place, raising both the enjoyment of residents and visitor traffic. The Roppongi Hills area is a town within a metropolis and represents what city planners say is the future and architectural and the city design.


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