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SABMiller (South African Breweries) post-Apartheid development and monetary performance

SAB Miller is definitely the largest brewery in South Africa and one of many largest machines in the world. Its presence is usually felt within 4 prude, with leading market stocks and shares in many from the countries that operates in. It truly is one of the most significant bottlers of Coca-Cola beyond the U. S i9000. A. Since 1999, SAB Miller continues to be listed on the Birmingham Stock Exchange, an affidavit of the economic durability.


1990 saw, besides a new era of ethnic harmony, together with the abolition of Apartheid, a fresh era by SAB Callier. A massive brewery investment system was started at Alrode, Prospecton and Newlands. Initially, domestic ale volumes exceeded 20 , 000, 000 hectoliters each year.

In 1992, SAB purchases suffered a brand new push frontward with the acquisition of control for Plate Goblet Group, a leading manufacturer and distributor of glass goods. In 93, Hungary’s leading producer, Zerspaner, was bought and this designated a beginning of acquisitions pertaining to SAB in Central and Eastern European countries.

In year 1994, the 1st fully democratic elections taken place in S. africa sees a government of national unanimity. SAB expands its business into Tanzania and China. In the previous, a partnership with the authorities is formed, while in China, joint control within the second largest brewery of the country is negotiated with China and tiawan Resources.

In 1995, SAB Miller gets into the Shine market with the acquisition of LECH Brewery and additional expands in Eastern Europe, in Romania. It is here that SAB acquires the Vultural, Ursus and Pitber breweries. In 1996, SAB Miller invests in Slovakia, obtaining a majority affinity for Pivovar Saris, and in Russia, with Kaluga Brewery, a few 112 miles from Moscow.

The period coming from 2000 to 2003 saw SAB Callier entering several other foreign marketplaces, with severe direct investments. In 2000, the American indian market was penetrated with the purchase of Narang Breweries and in 2001, the Central American market, with Cervecer’a Hondurena in Honduras. Finally, the year 2003 saw the first significant SAB investment in Western Italy through Birra Peroni of Italia. Probably the most crucial investment during this period was the acquisition of Miller Making Company, subsequent largest in the us by quantity. As such, SAB Miller started to be the second major brewer in the world.


One of the many goals of SAB Callier, as exposed on their Web site is to “achieve profitable expansion as a leading player inside the global dark beer market. inches Perhaps this statement is sufficient to give all of us an opinion regarding SAB’s globalization and globally expansion strategies. The company operates in North and Central America, in Africa, Asia and Europe. The greatest turnover in 2003 was obtained from the 9 breweries in North America, somewhat about $3, 473 m, with Europe

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