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With this day and age, the safety of town and citizen are essential intended for people’s your life. But as the population of towns continues to boost, the safety of city has turned into a critical difficulty. The government or city organizers should believe highly on this problem is to do some realignment of the city. However , the protection of town is dependent on the infrastructure from the city, the role of government and boosts awareness of persons.

Firstly, in the public location, there should certainly increase of the installation of safety equipment because it is important aspect pertaining to safe urban centers.

For one thing, the emergency telephone is fundamental. If an individual has problems in the general public area, the emergency mobile phone can save their very own lives in timely manner. Additionally , the street light must be created on the street. It can be more hazardous that pedestrians walk on the dark avenue. For another issue, when somebody gets in trouble, the video keep an eye on has enjoyed an essential function because which make people know the dimensions of the specific condition.

Secondly, the us government should think highly in the problem of gap between your rich and the poor. With this cruel society, the wealthy people is indeed rich and the poor people is so poor, and so some poor people do not have enough money in order that the standard of life. Furthermore, they are pressured by your life. Because of this, the crime will increase if this problem is significantly serious. Alternatively, the government will need to establish better social welfare policy. In some great extent, it is vital for many people whom are very poor. On the other hand, the federal government should present some possibility of getting a job to poor people. When they get a fixed income, their quality of life will be significantly better.

In addition , the main thing is people will need to improve their knowing of safety. For example , nowadays, increasing numbers of people are ignores the seriousness of this difficulty, so the authorities should raise the chance to safety divulgación. Moreover, people should have self-protection awareness. When they walk by itself at night, they must have self-protection consciousness since it is associated with their very own life. For instance , they should observe the surrounding environment and walk on the street which has street mild as soon as possible.

To conclude, nowadays, the foundation of facilities、the role from the government and improve understanding of people has a positive effects in people’s lives and metropolis. If a metropolis wants to be safe, the folks as individuals and the federal government should fix some trouble that poises their metropolis. In the future, I hope the government and citizens can solve protection problems to together, so that the people can easily live on their particular city treated.


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