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However , the lack of inner communication, especially as to subway communication, is actually a leading source of the Sago Mining problems.

By deficiency of underground communication, it is supposed both deficiencies in direct conversation between the recovery teams as well as the trapped miners and a lack of scientific communication as to the real conditions from the underground souterrain and the capability of the rescue teams to visit into the souterrain for the rescue. In the event that there may have been updated technologies implemented in to the mines prior to the explosion, the disaster might have been avoided. Subterranean communication capacities would have achieved it possible for the rescue teams to get in touch with the caught miners, permitting a more effective finding of their location and the ability to guide them to a secure area of the acquire. Underground communication between the mine’s condition and the rescue clubs would have brought about the relief process to start quicker and many likely be more successful.

The heart of the cause of the tragedy is deficiency of underground conversation. With the appropriate technology executed, a disaster program could have been wisely executed. However , without any kind of communication related to the actual stuck miners plus the conditions in the mine, there is essentially zero disaster response plan in position. Thus, the main cause of the Sago Mining problems is a lack of technology that caused having less underground conversation that triggered the unnecessary deaths of twelve miners.


Just like be seen through the provided case study analysis and timeline, the crux in the problem was a lack of communication. Particularly, absence of communication stemmed from the mining company having out-of-date technologies integrated into its acquire and urgent response system. Although the real call in the rescue process, although slightly delayed, was implemented, this soon identified itself with its hands linked and struggling to do anything to aid rescue the trapped miners. This is because the rescue procedure plan and the rescue teams that arrived on the scene were out-of-date and therefore unequipped to be able to properly handle the Sago Exploration crisis. Got this same function occurred a decade ago, than the account would be several. However , in today’s technologically advanced grow older, there are equipment designed particularly for both avoiding and handling this type of condition. Had the mines and the rescue teams been equipped with this communication-based technology, the Sago Exploration disaster may not have been a disaster.


What can be learned from the Sago Mining catastrophe is that to be able to prevent this sort of crisis and disaster by occurring once again, steps have to be taken to apply new solutions into the mining industry and compliance confidence regulations need to be implemented simply by both the federal and state governments to make certain safety conformity. If the governments had got the power to halt operations in the Sago Puits when their particular evaluations showed several hundred infractions, this problems could have been prevented. Further, if perhaps part of the federal government evaluation process included obligatory implementation of communication technologies and an undated devastation response strategy in order to preserve operations, the Sago Mining crisis could have been avoided.


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