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I actually. Introduction Study regarding Computerized Revenue and Products on hand System to get Botika Sofia and Standard Merchandise can be taken from the idea of Information System.

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One example is definitely the Transaction Digesting System. This kind of chapter contains the Background with the problem, Introduction to the current state of technology, Project Reason. 1 . you Background in the Problem Botika Sofia and Standard Merchandise is usually owned and managed by simply Mrs. Olivia Delos Reyes and were established upon June one particular, 2012 for Damballelos St Brgy 5 Balayan, Batangas.

Mrs. Olivia a pharmacologist started her business life with Botika Viatrice which is located by General Trias, Cavite and she made a decision to open-up a brand new branch within Balayan named after her youngest daughter which can be “Sofia”. Botika Sofia and General Items have practically 1, seven-hundred inventory items, 10 products and more than 10 suppliers.

It has five employees: the proprietor and at the same time the cashier, one particular purchaser and three product sales clerks. Each uses the manual sales and inventory program in their everyday transactions. But having this type of system that they encounter concerns such as processing and recording the sales per day, monitoring of the accessibility to products, searching the price of the certain merchandise, adjusting the quantity of stocks and monitoring the expiration from the products. To ease the problems that happen to be being come across by the retail outlet, the suggested Computerized Product sales and Inventory system is created to improve their just about every task.

The proposed system will help all of them in calculating and recording the sales per day, monitoring of the goods to avoid the out-of-stock. It will also help in monitoring the termination of the item and changing the number of shares. 1 . two Overview of the present State of Technology In Botika Sofia and Basic Merchandise, each uses the usual method of selling to clients. There are 3 sales man or women who will allow for the customers, they may write the ordered items in a piece of paper plus the cashier will certainly compute because of it through the use of calculator.

For their products on hand, they do physical counting each week and they do not monitor their stocks. If the proposed program will be executed, all of these can be computerized and become organized. 1 . 3 Task Rationale 1 . 3. you Botika Sofia and General Merchandise This Sales and Inventory Program isdesigned in hopes of the benefit of Botika Sofia and General Merchandise.

The system may surely accept the change in just how sales and inventory are carried out in the business. The analysis can also help the owners plus the personnel of Botika Sofia and General Merchandise to discover the actual amounts of stock and sales of products. 1 . several.

2 Owner The system can greatly ensure that the owner to find out the status of the firm because it will certainly generate the mandatory reports plus the owner will probably be confident the generated info are exact. 1 . a few. 3 Consumer The system will even benefit the client since they will not ever experience scenarios like incorrect computations because with the use of the program there is a guarantee of right computations.

1 ) 3. 5 Proponents The proponents can benefit from the examine since the study will enhance their knowledge. Any potential problems that they obtained throughout the system development can prepare those to face the corporate world. Moreover, self-confidence, cooperation and communication skills will be better.

1 . a few. 5 Upcoming Researches The documentation with the system should give the future researches an investigation basis and reference to provide to improve existing system. It can enhance as well the capabilities of those who also plan to execute similar research.

1 . a few. 6 STI College Balayan The particular project can give significance and serve as a great honor to STI University Balayan. It will also serve as a proof of their quality in top quality teaching.

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