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Group Counselling

Group Therapy, Therapeutic Conversation, Interest Groupings, Counseling Theory

Excerpt coming from Case Study:

Sarah’s Case Study:

Sarah is a 13-year-old feminine junior high school student in whose mother features visited the school’s guidance office to share her issues about her daughter. In addition to her degrees falling swiftly, Sarah will avoid cultural interactions with her peers to an degree that her closest close friends have started out avoiding her because of her negative replies and lack of interest. A few of the major concerns reported by her mother include reoccurring suits of anger, nonexistent positive communication among her and her mom, acting away at home, and poor hygiene habits. Debbie, who is obese and includes a poor appearance, lost her father about six months before after this individual disappeared and was discovered dead beneath mysterious conditions. As a result, Debbie needs support through counselling in order to regain normalcy and improve her academic efficiency. Even though Sarah may gain from various types of interventions, group therapy can be very helpful with her and should be used as the primary form of counselling.

Sarah’s Group Counseling:

Group counseling or psychotherapy is among the most commonly used treatment options in the field of psychiatry. This type of psychotherapy is appropriate in Sarah’s circumstance because it supplies a valuable and viable treatment that has been employed by school psychologists in offering effective and efficient immediate services to children and students as well (Crespi, 2009, p. 273). Sarah seems to be a good applicant for group counseling since she is experiencing a wide range of psychological problems that not simply affect her performance in the lecture but as well affects her interactions with others. The suitability with this method in her circumstance is attributed to the fact that most of these mental problems result from her poor social interaction. In essence, it will provide a secure environment in which Sarah can experiment with new behaviors, boost communication skills, and obtain feedback from her colleagues.

One of the main advantages of that way in Sarah’s situation is the fact it would offer necessary direct services that she presently needs. Second of all, group counselling will provide her with a chance to share these kinds of psychological concerns and manage the difficulties she’s experiencing in her interpersonal interactions. This is mainly because group counseling can provide Sarah using a platform being listened to, to feel a sense of belonging, to become understood, to become stronger in herself, also to become more assured. Third, group counseling can promote and enhance her self-awareness, patterns change, and support systems. However , the disadvantage of this method is that it may turn into ineffective in case the main moral concerns aren’t addressed. Second of all, such interaction may put in pressure about Sarah to conform and scapegoat, which would largely affect the performance of the process.

Suitable Group Counseling Environment:

The most appropriate sort of group counselling environment that will serve Sarah ideal is a motif group. Generally, theme groups are used for those who would largely benefit from offering and receiving support with others who will be experiencing comparable issues or experiences. This environment will not only enable her to know that she is not by yourself but will also help in improving her mental functioning through sharing experience, experimenting with fresh behaviors, and giving and receiving support or feedback in a safe environment. The honest concerns intended for the group environment are the need to have users whose goals and needs are lined up with group goals, guard her wellbeing throughout the group experience, privacy issues, and reasonable preventative measure to safeguard her from any sort of harm.

Potential Challenges to get Sarah:

Since group member progresses through the group experience, he/she usually discovers a larger disruption in his/her your life. Some of the challenges Sarah is likely to experience include difficulties in developing new interpersonal actions, feelings of isolation, issues of openness because of privacy issues, and changing her social communications.

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