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“Quality is the measure of excellence or state penalized free from insufficiency, defects, and significant variations”, (Nader, 2009). Quality of your product can be mainly assessed from a manufacturer and a customer perspective. From a customer point of view, product quality is usually perspective while each individual interprets quality in a different way. Ultimately, merchandise quality may be the capability of the product to fulfil customer anticipations as required from the users.

Quality from a manufacturer’s perspective is determined by company size, culture, financial resources, human resources, marketplace pressures and company approach.

Due to the availability of a large number of items in the market, several industries include put forward different parameters that allow an item to be judged against the competition. For example , an electronic product may possibly have quality parameters just like performance, reliability, safety and appearance that has to be met (UNIDO, 2006). Procedure quality.

Procedure quality targets the life routine of a merchandise from the beginning, style, development, turns out, updates and product support.

The two product and process quality are mixed together and quality control measures set up to ensure the end result is of an exceptional.

Interaction among product quality and procedure quality. To be able to produce a top quality product it takes a quality procedure. This involves keeping the process working at a level that conforms with required quality criteria.

When the top quality of a method varies it will have a direct influence on product qualities and hence item quality. For example , a steel producing herb has techniques such as slicing, machining, bending and layer. The smoothness, hardness and thickness and so on of the material are directly impacted by the standard of the processes. After the metal is definitely manufactured, the client will judge it up against the product specification and help to make a judgement on quality. (McGraw-Hill, 2002) Scharffen Berger Chocolate Developer is a company that prides alone on merchandise quality.

Resulting from this this led to an increase in customer demand and a rise in market share. To keep the high quality with the end product although meeting demand, Jim Harris and company. put in place techniques that helped them to keep quality throughout the different phases of the production process. The next table offers a summary from the quality methods used in the production line: Table 1 Quality Techniques in Production Line.

Development StageQuality assurance and quality control methods used to preserve quality in the process Bean Cleaner•&The specific process associated with separating the waste coming from beans. •&Once cleaned, keeping the beans under certain climate and humidity controls Roaster•&Roasting different types of beans individually.

•&Human sampling

Winnower•&Precise process connected with separating cocoa beans through the shell Melangeur•&Quality testing in the product for texture, taste and physical properties Conche•&Quality testing with the product done through a scraping gauge to measure the level of smoothness Tempering and molding•&Human testing pertaining to texture, breeze and style Packaging•&Check top quality after the creation line.

General•&Blind tasting at different levels

•&Hiring skilled providers

•&Calibration of equipment

All the above operations will assist in maintaining the quality of the final product. When using third party companies with the production process, item quality is maintained by random testing and assessment to ensure the product meets needed specifications. Top quality process analysis.

Quality control measures will be put into place just before and during the production process in order that the raw materials and processes will be of appropriate quality. To make certain a high quality item at each level of the development process top quality techniques can be utilised such as quality assurance (QA), top quality control (QC) and through means of constant process advancements. By employing these tactics business risks with regard to top quality can be handled. However , a cost benefit evaluation is required to always be carried out to determine if the extent of the good quality assurance and quality control is beneficial to the organization.

The final inspection of the method used for quality assurance as well. There exists a fine equilibrium between cost and quality of any product. If the product keeps a higher than necessary quality and the cost is excessive due to this incredibly requirement, require will lower. Therefore , quality should be managed at a good where it is sustainable so that a the item can be cost effective to face a competitive industry.

In the case research, Harris’s staff experiments based on a techniques to reduce the time instructed to prepare the chocolate at different phases of the process of chocolate producing. It is very clear that about the new design in the operations of chocolates production, a final quality was sometimes a whole lot affected the pioneers from the factory refused to recommend the modify. This proves that there is an undeniable interaction among product top quality and process quality. Nevertheless , the decision was made to make modifications in our process simply after so many trials, assessment and sampling.

This shows that, To make a good quality product a series of top quality processes will be required. To maintain top quality process a series of quality control systems are essential. In a method quality control scheme the sequence of the steps is vital as some procedures will be important which might reflect typically in the top quality of the last product. The subsequent table specifics each method where Harris and his team have incorporated quality control techniques to reduce variation. Table 2 Harris’s Quality Control Schemes along the way


sequenceQuality control

Natural material quality controlPurchase

BeansFind the farmers whom grew the very best quality bean

Ferment beans properly ahead of dried and shipped to US

Process top quality controlBean

CleanerThe specific process linked to separating the waste from beans.

Once cleansed, storing the beans under specific climate and moisture controls.

RoasterRoasting different types of beans individually to enhance the flavor. Owner monitor the temperature and taste the sample.

WinnowerPrecise process linked to separating powdered cocoa beans from your shell

MelangeurUse historic melangeur to perform task.

Operator determined the time of completion based on look, truly feel, and style.

Ball MillIt provide quality benefits by lessening the amount of taste degradation. The resulting delicious chocolate be tested and assessed for top quality.

ConcheAeration was an important step to get the quality control as bubble will created when blades moves. Quality testing with the product carried out through a clean gauge to measure the standard of smoothness.


and moldingHuman assessment for level of stability, glossy surface, clean feel in the mouth and breeze. Quality control when shipping liquid chocolate to thirdparty molding. Finished product inspectionPackagingOwn packing to keep a close eyesight on quality. Third-party pacing as they possess better gear and quality control. Top quality control at when re-melt and re-temper procedure.

Examine quality after the production line.

Critical control points (CCp) can affect the quality of the done product. However , not all measures in the process are thought as critical points. Specification or guidelines can assist in maintaining quality of certain products. These arranged regulations and standards such as to INTERNATIONALE ORGANISATION F�R STANDARDISIERUNG 9000 and ISO 9001 that need to be complied with in a procedure.

Transport or shipping turns into critical points because for instance , the basic problem with transporting chocolate in pots is their relatively low melting point. Solar radiation and other exterior influences (heat sources, just like double lower part tanks, engine rooms) may cause the temperature in the textbox to rise significantly and exceed the shedding point, and so making gigantic quality destruction inevitable.

Method Bottlenecks

A bottleneck in task management is one process in a sequence of procedures, such that the limited ability reduces the capability of the complete chain (Wikipedia, 2012). The capacity of the production process is dependent upon the slowest chain task. These sluggish tasks will be referred to as bottlenecks and they have an impact on the throughput of a production process. Bottlenecks in a developing process make reference to resources that will need the lengthiest time in operation to meet demand.

One of the features of bottlenecks is that that makes the working rate with the non-bottlenecks function below totally. Hence elevating capacity of the bottlenecks really helps to reduce the period required for the complete process. However when one bottleneck is eliminated then one other bottleneck is often formed (Imaoka, 2009). The bottlenecks at the same time can prevent flow, trigger inventories, preventing throughout by matching buyer demand. This chapter determined the capacity of bottlenecks through the entire process, analysed the managing and improvement methods produce progress to Scharffen Berger’s goal. Process flow plan.

The first step to create a process stream diagram is to define the process boundaries. The procedure boundaries will be the entry and exit parts of inputs and outputs with the process. The input of Scharffen Berger Chocolate Maker process may be the raw chocolate bean and the output will probably be packaged candy ready to sell off. Once the boundaries are defined, the process stream diagram is actually a valuable device for comprehending the process employing graphic factors to represent duties, flows and storage. Physique 1 is flow plan represents Scharffen Berger Chocolate maker development process for earlier june 2006:

Figure you Scharffen Patre Chocolate Maker Production Method The signs in a process flow picture are understood to be follows: Rectangles: represent duties. The equipment capability, process potential, duration and flow time are shown under all the task. Arrows: represent goes. Flows are the flow of material and the movement of information. In such a case the stream represents circulation of uncooked bean, roasting bean, squander, Nibs, and chocolate.

Triangles: represent storage area (inventory). Storage bins typically are used to symbolize raw materials inventory, operate process inventory, and done goods inventory. The process flow diagram linked tasks in series are performed sequentially. Tasks used parallel just like two Conche machine and different packaging options are performed simultaneously. Inside the above picture, raw veggie is in a storage bin at the beginning of the task. After the last task, the outcome also is trapped in a storage space warehouse. Scharffen Berger typically kept on to 2 monthes of inventory in stock for every of the major goods. Process performance measures.

In order to identify the bottlenecks in Scharffen Bergerot Chocolate manufacture process, the method performance measures become essential, this elements include: Capacity – The capability is its maximum amount that the gear capable to carry out in when. This unbekannte can affect the procedure rate and utilisation of equipment. Process capability – The task capacity is its optimum output price, measured in units made per product of time.

The capability of a number of tasks depends upon the lowest capability task inside the string. The parallel responsibilities is the total of the capabilities of the two sets. Flow period – The typical time that a unit needs to movement through the process from the entry point to the quit point. The flow period includes both equally processing some any time the system spend between steps. Timeframe – The duration is definitely the total working time of each one of the task in a week product, it can be 1 shift per day, seven days per week. The products on hand in the process is related to the throughput rate and throughput period: WIP Inventory = Throughput Rate times Flow Time.

This relation is known as Little’s Law, named after John D. C Very little whos proved it mathematically in 1961 (Barton et ing, 2002). The task bottleneck & improvement.

The process bottleneck took place at the slowest flow level of the series task at the same time. The logjam can be found by simply comparing the procedure capacity. Keeping time in the bottlenecks activity saves time for the entire procedure. Saving amount of time in a non-bottleneck activity does not help the process since during rate is limited by the logjam. If the following slowest activity is much more quickly than the logjam, then the bottleneck is having an important impact on the process capacity (Starnes, 2000). Working hour

The first logjam of creation capacity throughout process was identified as working hour. Ahead of Harris control the Scharffen Berger, in order to avoid overtime payment to staff, the business just operating one particular shift each day. The gadgets such as Conches, Melangeurs, were not efficiently applied. Harris computed each finished conche could be worth above $30, 000 in product sales and industry average 40% in contribution on revenue. It would be really worth to pay out overtime and increase shows. Conche functioning.

The second ability bottleneck throughout the process can be identified as conche operating hour. Scharffen Bergerot owned two Conches accustomed to refine, combine and spume the chocolate. The disadvantage with this machine is usually time consuming, every single 1400kg bathroom of candy liquor commonly spend forty eight to 72 hours inside the conche machine. Figure a couple of indicate the identified logjam task (red colour) inside the Scharffen Berger Chocolate Manufacturer process in earlier june 2006.

Figure 2 Conche Bottleneck in Scharffen Berger Procedure. The production charge of Conche is the slowest compare with other tasks. The total capacity for two Conche is 2800kg, and it’s really requiring 40-60 hrs to end each procedure, Conche doing work 24 hours a day, 7-days-per-week.

The capacity from the melangeur is definitely 115kg and requires 1 . 25hr to finish the position. The working duration of melangeur can be 16 several hours a day, 7 days a week. By applying production rate formulation:

By evaluating the production rate, the logjam of the procedure can be recognized as conche task. Two conche working 24hours a day match up against melangur only work 16 hours a day, the maximum working hour of melangur can not be reached since it constrained simply by slow operation of conche.

In order to boost bottleneck of conche, the ball work has been launched as it can conduct most conche tasks successfully. Instead of 40-60 hours, the ball mill can grain particles from 100 microns to 25 microns in three hours. The conche would still be needed for the aeration mixing function. The overall operation moment for ball generator and conche can reduce to 15 several hours instead 40-60 hours. Melangeur operating.

Following the company made a decision to use ball mill rather than conches, melangeur becomes the capacity bottleneck through the process. The capability of the ball mill and conche can be 1400kg and 15 several hours to finish the work. The working duration of melangeur is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. By applying production rate formulation:

Since the creation rate of melangeur just 1472 kg/day, the melangeur becomes the capability bottleneck through the process. Determine 3 demonstrate new stream chart while the ball mill released. The melangeur was used to grind the nibs; this released the cocoa chausser and switched the dried nibs in chocolate paste. The company just lately located a used melangeur that may be purchased and refurbished pertaining to $50, 1000.

Figure three or more Melangeur Logjam in Scharffen Berger Process. Molding process The last logjam affect the production capacity method could be modeling process. The bigger, faster modelling equipment will be prohibitively costly, and several alternative party co-packers acquired excess capacity and would be able to model even more Scharffen Berger’s chocolate. Harris thought Scharffen Berger may possibly avoid the producing duplication in the tempering and modelling measures by moving the liquefied chocolate directly to the co-packer. Figure four shows the operating procedure when the modelling and product packaging task been given to the alternative party and co-packers.

Figure 4 Third Party Molding and Co-Packer for Scharffen Berger Procedure In this stage, the process restrictions at result point changes from candy ready to offer to water chocolate. The modelling and packaging job has been withdrawn from procedure process. But the challenges is usually transporting liquefied chocolate was obviously a very tricky, expensive and require high level of quality control with third parties. Long term improvements.

The following lists some methods which could improve the procedure process pertaining to Scharffen Berger Chocolate machine: Add extra resources to increase capacity from the bottleneck. For example , an additional Roaster or Clean machine can be added in parallel to boost the capacity. Decrease work-in-process products on hand. Reduce the business lead time including reduce the chilling time after roasting the coffee bean. Maneuver task away from bottleneck solutions.

Increase accessibility to bottleneck solutions, for example , raising the daily operating hour for melangeur from 16hours a day to 24 hours a day. Minimize non-value adding activities. Including reduce moving time, rework, waiting period, testing and inspection period. Redesign the chocolate type for better manufacturability – can improve several or perhaps all procedure performance measures.

Quality Procedure For a High-quality Product. The primary aim of any organisation is always to provide customer satisfaction by providing services. Quality of an end product needs production design and style based on customer feedback which not merely minimises reduction but likewise provides competitive advantages. In Scharffen Bergerot Chocolate manufacturer case study Scharffen berger prioritises specific areas to achieve a superior quality product.

These kinds of areas will be as follows Natural material-Scharffen Bergerot prided itself about using the top quality beans offered from countries such as Bekwai, ghana, Trinidad, Discovery bay, jamaica, Domician Republic, Madagascar, and other countries. Scharffen Berger mixed up to being unfaithful varieties of espresso beans to make each kind of delicious chocolate unlike other companies that applied only a couple of different types of espresso beans. Steinberg and Scharffen travelled to remote locations near the equator to find farmers who grew the highest quality espresso beans and to make certain that these maqui berry farmers allowed generally there beans to ferment correctly before shipping and delivery them.     2) Cleaning

Prior to being roasted, beans were poured to a large bean cleaner machine that separated cocoa beans from things like particles, small pebbles and twigs     3) Roaster

To boost the flavour all cocoa beans had been roasted just before they could be brought to make chocolates. Scharffen Patre roasted each kind of veggie separately to be able to optimise taste.

The sample was sampled by them regularly in order to check perhaps the roasting can be complete. According to Harris, “practice of tasting” is a good methods of measurements at each stage of the delicious chocolate production procedure. Once espresso beans were roasted they were utilized within a day or two in order to optimize flavour.     3) Conche.

As soon as the chocolates kept the melaunger there were continue to some little nib items that must be ground additional. This was done in the conche. Other top quality products were also added in the conches which in turn broke every one of the ingredients to microscopic items. Experiments were done with powder sugar to be able to reduce the moment for Conching although found the flavor unacceptable.     4) Tempering and moulding.

This process was to be performed in a certain sequence using a certain degree of stirring. It had been used to prevent duplication of the tempering and moulding actions by transferring the the liquid steps to co-packers     5) Quality Control.

This is the most important step performed to acquire a premium quality product. Operators assessed the quality of the product by examining its seem and structure, breaking that and tasting it. At least once in 15 days, Scharffen Berger management and machine employees got together to calibrate their very own perceptions and standards to get acceptable quality by sightless testing the beans and chocolate for various levels of creation.     6) Gear.

Balmill: employing Balmills can increase the potential of production at least 75%. Additionally , it will be extra beneficial for the products with high sugar articles by lessening the amount of flavour degradation that can occur if a premium system is over-processed and excessively altered. New gear such as ball mill will assist in elevating capacity and efficiency of the process.

7) Quality Control: Operators measured the quality of chocolate by continuously examining its appearance, structure, tasting and breaking it. The quality of the product is inspected at several stages to check if it is great to be marketed. As a result of these quality bank checks the number of flaws in the final product is lowered and will also lead to an overall increase in organizational overall performance. In addition this will likely also have a positive flow in effect on client confidence and customer satisfaction in the product that may yield additional increase in demand.

8) Every two months, managing and equipment operators calibrate their understanding and standards for satisfactory quality by “blind testing”.

9) Working time:

Increased conformance to laws such as carbon dioxide emissions simply by reducing operating time. As an example the existing conches are controlled 24 hours a day and seven days weekly. By upgrading the conches with the fresh ball mill, Harris (Chief operating Officer of Scharffen Berger Chocolates Maker) and his guys will decreases the working time of machinery and raise the efficiency of the process.

Adantages of high quality item

Features of developing top quality products are, Increase in demand needs increased supply. Addressing the bottlenecks of the development process and improving periods of the process will assist with increasing source. Increase in customer satisfaction and bettering the business outcome.

Using The good quality assurance techniques to check the product in various periods by sampling or screening to ensure that a final product received is of top quality and satisfies customer objectives will lead to increase in business growth since the customer amounts will increase. Top quality improvement is known as a planed managerial activity. It involves determining potential improvements, prioritized potential areas of improvement and organizing and the execution of jobs and improvements’, (Foster, 2010). Scharffen Patre prioritized potential areas of improvement. Then these improvements had been planned and implemented in several stages to be able to achieve a top quality product.

Annually, more than 30, 000 people toured the factory and many of those visitors bought the products of these tours. By demonstrating how good the quality of processes was, Scharffen Berger received the self-confidence of his clients.

Moreover, quality procedures can be used to take care of risks from the manufacturing line. Because of this quality techniques can be used like a risk mitigation strategy by business. In the matter of Scharffen Bergerot Chocolate Maker, the types of hazards that can be minimized by top quality processes are quality of raw materials, appearance, feel, snapping and tasting. In addition to risikomanagement, customers in general are willing to shell out an additional amount of money for a high-quality product. Consequently there is a niche area for these chocolate. In order to gratify customers with this market the business enterprise needs to stick to high quality method development tactics and develop an end product that will satisfy their substantial expectations.

Creativity leads to top quality process development in the long term and an increase in program efficiency. Hence overtime this will result in competitive advantages above the other companies a greater business in the industry.

One more benefit of superior quality process advancement is that it will lead to standardization or bench marking. Great things about standardization contains for instance, embrace cost effectiveness (e. g. reduction in manufacturing cost), improve discussing power with third party corporations, simplify support and teaching, simplify acquiring raw materials, procurement, upgrade and disposal of plant components and financial systems of range in manufacturing, teaching and assessment. High quality method development may also minimise the failure costs of the merchandise, both external and internal.

Reasons for by using a high quality process The aim of Scharffen Berger delicious chocolate maker is usually to produce high quality chocolates. To be able to produce high grade chocolates Harris and his team needs high quality process development. A few of the reasons for by using a high quality procedure development are as follows: One other benefit of retaining supply to future require is the recognized quality in the product by customers will improve due to an increase in customer satisfaction.

It also improves appearances of the Scharffen Berger Sweets such as style. Increases trustworthiness of the production line with automation for example the use of the ball mill. It gives the business the opportunity pertaining to continuous improvement. For example Harris and his team accomplished many brought on to reduce bottlenecks and to increase capacity of the existing production line. Because an final result of their exploration they decided to incorporate a fresh ball work.

Quality management is incorporated into the development line to make sure consistency with the quality of the product is taken care of. This can be mirrored in the case examine by Harris and his team employing a skilled labor force. Quality assurance is maintained through the production collection to ensure the superior quality of the end product. For example Harris and his team began extensive tests and mouth watering of the product at various stages of production.


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