School Shooting Involving a 6 Year Old Boy Essay

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A 6 yr old boy helped bring a gun to school and shot and slain a other classmate. The authorities conducted research online of the boy’s home and found another stolen gun (12 gauge taken gun) and illegal drugs in the possession of the boy’s 19 yr old brother, who had been charged with involuntary guy slaughter. One of the most likely circumstances that could have led this boy to commit these kinds of a violent crime can be guided involvement, emotional legislation, and reactive aggression. The state of michigan state legislation says that any kids under the age of seven are generally not considered criminally responsible for all their actions.

The fees for this criminal offenses were registered against the 19 year old buddy who was present in possession of stolen guns and illegal drugs. As kids develop as time passes their finest influences happen to be their parents and their colleagues. Kathleen Berger (2011), author of The Growing Person Throughout the Life Span, describes guided contribution as, “the process by which people study from others who also guide their very own experiences and explorations” (p.

241). Father and mother will established the standard so that children is going to view as the way your life should be were living. Sadly, with this particular circumstance the 6th year old boy’s two man role types both reside in jail pertaining to gun-related costs. This child may have been exposed to multiple different kinds of behavior involving gun physical violence.

Behavior like this would give a message to the child, now that is correct you receive what you want in every area of your life. However in the event this kid were brought up in a Christian home, this kind of shooting may have been prevented. In Proverbs 22: 6 (NKJV) it says “Train up a child in how he should go, And when he could be old he can not depart from it”.

Another scenario that may possess led to this kind of violent criminal offense happening is poorly developed emotional regulation. Mental regulation is defined by simply Berger (2011) as, “the ability to control when and just how emotions will be expressed” (p. 265). In child creation emotional control is designed from the age range of 2 to six.

If this 6 year old boy is affected with poorly produced emotional regulation, this could possess led to his shooting of the classmate. When a child will certainly not be made to understand that there are consequences to their actions, then they are never able to figure out how far is actually far. While children our sin characteristics is for us to acquire upset and angry whenever we don’t get what we wish, or once things don’t go each of our way.

Making fit or perhaps temper tantrum being tossed that may require violent patterns. Reaction hostility is defined by Patre (2011) while, “impulse retaliation for another person’s intentional or accidental actions, verbal or perhaps physical” (p. 279). The goal at the rear of this behavior is to obtain their way or perhaps get what they want. In the process whom or what they may hurt in the process features no matter to these people.

This type of actions are our trouble nature we are born with, in the event not corrected further violent behavior patterns such as the taking pictures of a classmate may happen. In closing, the 6 year old boy whom earlier that day taken a classmate could have been troubled by guided involvement, emotional regulation, and reactive aggression. Led participation may have performed the function of this 6th year old young man observing clashes being fixed via weapon violence by the role types in his residence. If this sort of behavior was observed this 6 yr old boy may well not have developed emotional regulation, if perhaps he would have been to develop emotional regulation it may have avoided this criminal offenses from ever before happening.

Response aggression might have also enjoyed a key function leading up to this kind of crime. In the event gun violence was used in your home, it is only natural just for this 6 yr old boy to also use weapon violence. Michigan state legislation believes children under the associated with seven are presumed to lack responsibility are not regarded as criminally in charge of their actions. Since the law enforcement officials found the 19 yr old brother owning stolen weaponry he was charged with involuntary manslaughter pertaining to the firing.

The police looked at the 6 year old youngster as a item of his surroundings and in no way could he fully understand the extent of his actions earlier that day. References Berger, K. (2011). The Developing Person Through the Expected life (8th ed., p. 241, 265, 279).

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