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Many times people observe their existence reflected in the life of another person, a few times mainly because they have precisely the same experiences or perhaps because they are identical physically or they have a few aspects in keeping; as it could be behavior, the pattern of life, or decisions that could change all their lives.

In the book Seabiscuit an American legend the lady illustrates one of the difficult occasions in the United States, the fantastic depression, and how people implemented the desire a horse and jinete as they personal dream to succeed and continue with their lives preventing against each problem regardless of how long or perhaps how far away the goal was.

To understand how close Seabiscuit and “red pollard were, we must know their lives, which were very difficult in equally cases.

“Red Pollard came to be in 1909, he was son of an Irish immigrant few who reached the united states in 1850, “Red Pollard was your second child of 7 kids in the family members: Jim, Expenses, Edie, Betty, Norah and Bubbles.

Pollard’s relatives was not wealthy but they had almost everything that they wanted since they proved helpful really hard so as to have a better future. They exposed a brick factory, however in 1915 an all natural disaster ruined everything from equipment to supplies to operate. Pollard’s property was also devastated, that is why Johnny’s daddy made the decision intended for Bill and Johnny to be boxers in order to make some money to feed and dress the complete family for a very early age.

Both of them had been good battres but “Red never had the power that his sibling had, although “Red got other skills, “Johnny smaller and leaner, became a proficient and scrappy fighter but never achieved his brother’s success( Hillenbrand, 2005, p. 61), he was genuinely smart and intellectual. He was a great reader and this individual wanted to be a prepared person. He genuinely loved learning but at the school, the students room smothered him and this was the purpose he got poor levels, he was disappointed with himself and anything he enjoyed and he transformed into a different person “His anger was a untamed rage, his pleasure jubiltion, his humor biting his sorrow clear a bottomless abyss(Hillenbrand, 2004, p. 62).

When Johnny’s father noticed “Red’s tendencies he attempted to help him and purchased a horse to be able to remind him who having been and what he really wanted. At the beginning Ashton used the horse to create delivers for the town and make more money for the family, but when Johnny noticed that he sensed good over a horse and had a superior quality body to race, it had been the moment when he discovered he wanted to be considered a jockey. His mother refused the decision as they was really fresh, but his father backed him then when he was 20 he visited Montana to race within a real racetrack. The only condition was that he previously to go with an associate of the relatives to take care of him, but the family members friend disappeared when the contest ended leaving “Red exclusively and far away from home. Since this moment “Red experienced bad remedies, blows, he was even blind in one eyesight as a consequence of a little stone if he was in a race. This individual changed his behavior and turn into a irritating person as when he was at the school or even worse because he realized that life was not a mythic and he or she must be strong to survive. Nevertheless something that this individual never transformed in Steve, even with the blows, was his target and his dreams. That’s why this individual fight for these people every single day because he was a free spirit and he wanted to be him self and do every thing he cherished, which was auto racing and to winning.

Seabiscuit came to be in 1933, his father was a great racehorse also because of that, it was assumed that he and his brother will be too. But Seabiscuit was a different equine, he loved doing different things than would the other horses inside the stable, “the average stable horse spends just five minutes at a time prone to sleep, almost always at nigh (Hillenbrand, 2005, p. 45) he was a true exception, “sleeping was his favorite complete time (Hillenbrand, 2004, l. 45) “he slept extended and late (Hillenbrand, 2004, p. 45) and for his owner this behavior has not been good because when he includes a horse race, he often lost and thus Seabiscuit was obviously a load, in addition to being laid back he had more than various other horses even thought he was less space-consuming than them. For this reason the owner of Seabiscuit told the trainer to offer Seabiscuit a difficult routine to train him how you can work and also because that they needed cash and Seabiscuit was pointless if this individual didn’t win a horse race, beyond the hard work the rider was told to beat the equine with the goal of build a strong persona “he advised Seabiscuit’s workout rider to discover a stick to use as a mix.  (Hillenbrand, 2004, l. 46) “Just see how many times you can strike him heading a quarter of a mile (Hillenbrand, 2004, g. 46).

But it didn’t work because Seabiscuit after all these treatments rejected to be a “real racehorse and continued staying lazy because it was the way he recognized his existence and also because he just wanted to be happy, not mattering how a large number of beats he received this individual continued in that way. Trying to transform Seabiscuit was so difficult that his owner thought that if perhaps he was lazy he would continue being lazy every his your life until his death, but something that the particular owner didn’t realized was that Seabiscuit had changed the way to end up being. He changed his preferred past time great behavior, this individual passed via being a calm and sweet animal to an edgy, irritating and intense horse that rejected people next to him and all of this thanks to the bad therapies he received in the training. Seabiscuit was now scared of people plus the only approach to maintain these people away had been a danger to receive respect of fear.

It is difficult to think that an animal would have the same lifestyle as a man but in this particular case the similarities fantastic close between them. Both heroes had had a difficult years as a child; the experiences that they lived through had a good influence on the adulthood such as being forced to settle away from home and family. These people were beaten simply by people and in addition they were forced to change in order to mature previously. In Seabiscut’s case, he was punished to be a real racehorse. Both of them lost their early years as well the time to play so to be content, and all of this kind of because they needed make money to survive. “Red needs funds to eat also to have an practically good existence by himself as they was by itself, and Seabiscuit had to generate income to be regarded as a more significantly less good horse to contest and have a location in the secure. For they are all the hard function they manufactured wasn’t powerful at all mainly because “Red Pollard was considered as the worst biker even when he previously a hard schooling, and Seabiscuit, not mattering the hard operate his trainer adapted to him, was considered the laziest horse at any time.

Since they have the same behavior, these were always fighting with people and that is another thing they have in common. Also no one supported them, we were holding just absolutely nothing in comparison with additional jockey’s an horses correspondingly. The only compare I found in the book between both of these characters is that Seabiscuit was too short to become racehorse and “Red Pollard was also tall, that why as mentioned before Seabiscuit was used simply for cheap contests because compared to other horse he don’t have the skills and the appearance to be a success, and “Red Pollard was different also in comparison with different jockeys that have been really brief and slim. For these reasons his complexion was an extra improve him since jockey need to have a special pounds, “jockeys have to use their excess weight no more than 114 pounds.  (Hillenbrand, 2005, p. 80) He must to do extra things maintain his weight and in consequence his job, and as many other jockeys, he endured of special diets that had been unhealthy.

When everything was bad for these people, they were located almost concurrently by Charles Howard and Tom Jones and not mattering that they were considered a negative horse and jockey that they decided to provide both of them the second chance to demonstrate their true talents within a good environment and having a trainer whom really knew how to educate without treatment. Smith saw spirit in Seabiscuit from your first moment, when Jones met “Red Pollard he previously the same impression. Both of them a new spirit and they also were competitive and they experienced courage. Intended for both of them due to the fact that this time their particular lives changed course and in addition they were used by a family members as actual members because they: Charles, Smith, Pollard and Seabiscuit were not simply people who desired to make money in horse races, they were a team through which everyone was essential to keep going and be successful. As well “Red, intended for first time seeing that he kept Montana, was part of children in which they can trust and was backed. Not to mention that Seabiscuit had a trainer who realized what he really wants together the persistence to help him, and found him as being a horse zero just like a factor that helps to win a racehorses.

“Red and Seabiscuit had altered since the second they fulfilled each other, we were holding tormented souls that began a new existence. They begun to improve day by day not just since individuals yet also as a team. They travelled from staying unknown to being the feeling in society, but Seabiscuit was who have changed one of the most, helped by simply Pollard and Smith. “Seabiscuit finally realized the game. Johnson and pollard had unearthed in him, in Cruz words “more natural desire to run than any equine I have ever before seen.  (Hillenbrand, 2005, p. 127) and that was the moment that they became a legend, in the very beginning Jones knew that he had a fantastic jockey plus the power to maximize his talents, “Smith is aware he had the very best horse in America (Hillenbrand, 2004, g. 141).

The love between the group grew and the goals had been reached little by little and with strong methods. Society reinforced them zero just because they won all the races nevertheless also these people were the best case to follow and continue forwards even in the worst moments. Seabiscuit and “Red were there fighting up against the best horses to earn not mattering anything and in addition they always won.

Something that really impresses me in the book was that they had a personal injury at practically the same time, “Red had an crash racing a friend’s horse “Pollard breasts had nearly caved in, he had a lot of broken ribs, a collarbone shattered in countless fragmented phrases, several interior injuries, broken shoulder (Hillenbrand, 2004, s. 197) and time afterwards Seabiscuit had an injury also, “he may see that it had been the ankle joint that had gone wrong (Hillenbrand, 2004, p. 340) both equally were clinically diagnosed by a doctor and they would not be able to race ever again. But beyond the diagnoses that they, together, would the incredible. They proved helpful hard, slowly but with good feet, they recovered daily even when just about all the people thought that their job was lost. They, as being a phoenix, restored out of the ashes. That really impresses me because if it had been another person or another horse, they can have just taken the easy way away that was going to quit. While using honor that they had following the victory vs . war admiral, but all of them, the team supported each other and then for “Red his health didn’t matter or perhaps not sporting again, “Red just wanted to do what he loved and Seabiscuit wished to feel free.

This guide is based on a genuine story, the story of a little boy that hardly ever forgot his dreams; the storyline of a family that not just adopted a stranger but also his dreams of triumphing. The story of any gentleman that give second probabilities because all of us are worth it, the story of a country that was fixated with a little horse named Seabiscuit. Throughout the book we can see just how human and animal turn into no merely best friends, nevertheless also that they turn into element of one another aiding each other in the good and bad moments.

As we can see, the similarities between those two real personas are really close; the life experiences, their early years, the hard work they had to perform, the second possibility they had and exactly how they got advantage of this kind of opportunity, how their job was regarded as, the accidental injuries, and how they will impressed the complete society again when they went back to the occupations just to earn again and become tales.

I think that after we experience alone, sometimes we need support, something or perhaps someone that provide us with hope to carry on using this for example. In the case of Seabiscuit and “Red they were the support pertaining to the various other when they attained, they were soul mates because they had had precisely the same behavior and also they had the same dream similar goal in life. They were practitioners and for all of them, nothing was impossible. That is why society observed in these people the wish and the model to achievement in the most obscure minute of the region.


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