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Ask any teenager today and they will tell you that they are nothing like their father and mother, that all their parents only don’t understand these people. This may be accurate and this could possibly be false, it really depends on how you look at it. Teenagers of the Rebel Without a Cause, that means the parents of today’s teenagers, did encounter a lot of the same problems and issues that individuals now confront. Yet I actually am left thinking performed the past young adults face however problems as well as we perform and were some of their “problems not as much of your problem as it is to all of us.

Teens from the earlier and present are confronted with problems such as school, associations, and friends. There were a large number of teenage challenges back then in “Rebel Without a Cause and today’s young adults. Most of these conditions that Jim Stark and the additional teens experienced were comparable, but my belief is that these same concerns were not while big of problem when they were growing up.

Let’s take school and homework for instance , oh sure your mother and father had this too although I just may believe that there is as much pressure upon them to get good grades. Also, get into a good college because there is for us.

And of course with all the knowledge that college is right nearby most teens also need to function. They need to reduce costs for university, or a car, or to associated with girl/boy of their dreams happy by taking these people out on schedules once in a while. As well as, all this pressure and job can develop for a teenage and to the majority of us it seems like we never have an opportunity to just rest and spend time with good friends anymore. That relates to film production company because a number of the teens tend not to care about research or gonna school. This is because was back then it was painless to have a job simply by only possessing a high school degree with no university education.

But , now in our teen lives it is hard to have a job with a high school degree. Another thing that may be different from the past from the present is the style that pupils wear. In the past, boys put on plain standard clothes and the cool men always have on black outdoor jackets or blazers. It is similar like what a gang member usually would wear right now. Except the bande have their ill fitting pants or shorts and possess their boxers in black or white colored. It is strange how all those kind of fellas like to show-off their boxers or undergarments. For girls in the past, they all mostly put on dresses. Now girls mainly wear skirts or short shorts.

Plus, girls often try to put on the hottest clothes to decorate because to get all the attention and stay popular. Similar to the movie, Sean Stark dons different garments from his classmates. This is because he moved to a lot of different large schools because he never manufactured any close friends and will not fit in with the other young adults. Also, atlanta divorce attorneys high school this individual went to the teens called Jim, “Chicken. Why he is called that because the young adults see him acting like a chicken, the moment Jim will not want to get in trouble. I do believe back then music for young adults like, “Rebel Without a Cause, probably believed rock and roll.

Nevertheless teens prefer rapping and hip hop music. It’s interesting how music has changed a whole lot in the past since teens cherished to obtain crazy in rock and roll. I wonder how teens will react in the event that music hardly ever came to rock and roll. Probably teens will make their own music and have to try out all their parent’s music, which were more hip hop and dance music. Now young adults today have a mix of genres they love to listen. Many teens in the present relate their particular music with their emotions. This is because because they must have some concerns in their lives and music helps teens release stress.

Plus, I know that it happens to the teenagers in the past apart from not big problems out-do our young years. I bet John Stark fantastic classmates wish to listen to rock and roll. Even though it does not show inside the movie that they can played stone, but back then there was a whole lot of rock and roll. The teenagers in the early years choose rock and roll since it was a thing they can be themselves with their good friends. Sometimes father and mother cannot stand their teen’s music and tells them to turn it off or take it away from them. It really is weird how in the video, it shows parents just like Jim’s father and mother how they do not care about his school issues.

For instance, when Jim’s classmates call him chicken, he tells these to stop and become angry to his parents. Then Jim’s parents plan to move somewhere else again, which happen repeatedly. Jim would not want that because he considers it is going to happen all over again. So , basically Jim’s parents usually do not really help him wonderful life that much. But assessing to modern-day teens, Jim’s parents and other parents show more concern for each and every of their son/daughter’s education to create them good in life. I could see that annually new father and mother learn from their particular past finding their mom and dad on how they get care of their very own son or daughter.

Then on the new parents learn from their parent’s mistakes and be a better parent. There are items that are related between each of our time and film production company, “Rebel With no Cause. You are that young adults hate performing homework and waking up early on for school. Teens in the past and present struggle with their very own emotions like in relationships or perhaps family concerns. Jim shows his thoughts to his parents in the movie. This individual tells all of them how he feels every time when he exchanges to a new school and he is not good at making any human relationships or good friends.

The main reason can be everyone calls him rooster because he is unique from his classmates plus they think he could be afraid of these people. I just want to express that I i am not saying that teenagers of the past did not have their very own problems, but of course they did, each and every teen in faces conditions that they think is hard and that their very own whole world is falling apart down surrounding them well at least one time in a while. But now they have grown up and turned into the parents of present teenagers I feel that they put even more pressure after their own teen child in order for them to achieve a lot more than they were able to.

A common manifestation is, “My parents are therefore strict, overprotective, or too involved in warring, because that they don’t desire me producing the same blunders they did whenever they were my age nevertheless they need to people and just keep me alone.  And this expression will often is kind of true. But all in all That stuff seriously our father and mother do know what we, because teenagers, intend through mainly because they did confront the same problems that we face today, but on the other hand with slightly less pressure.


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