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Scarlet Letter

The Pearl, Puritans, New England Colonies, Coition

Excerpt via Thesis:

When Hester is first alone with Chillingworth, for instance, and in several earlier descriptions, the girl appears to be having a process of destruction herself. She is greatly ashamed, and intensely aware of the eyes that dart furtively towards the notice emblazoned on her chest; she’s too poor to think straight when Chillingworth administers a medicine to Pearl that can, for all Hester knows, always be poison, and she is way too weak to resist Chillingworth’s insistence that she retain his secrets.

Hester is definitely the first of the three major heroes, however , to produce a transition to a stronger and more protect position with herself and with her sin; she has clearly discovered an interior redemption a long time before the others. The reason behind this is the identical to the reason that she is the first, as well as for the bulk of the book the only, character to acknowledge her sin – Pearl. The vagaries of biology may not allow Hester Prynne to cover her trouble in the way that Reverend Dimmesdale did; your woman was required to acknowledge her wrongdoing by simple impossibility of question it. This thrusts Hester into the general public eye, and though her existence is not an especially happy one during the action from the story, your woman and your woman alone in the hree significant characters handles to develop several sense of life from her bad thing, and parenthood is for Hester a major component to that your life – the girl must protect and guideline Pearl, and cannot wallow in her own sin.

By the end of her life, when Hester has came back to the city and resumed existence in her lonely cottage, “the scarlet letter ceased to be a judgment which drawn the world’s scorn and bitterness, inches but instead was “looked upon with awe, but with respect too” (Hawthorne 179). The actual symbol not of Hester’s sin, yet of her public waste, actually provided Hester an unusual and distinct strength in her your life. Her openness with her sin, nevertheless not primarily a matter of her deciding on, enabled her to grow and progress in a way that the two Dimmesdale and Chillingworth had been prevented coming from doing because of their secrecy. This did not make her existence easy, by any means, but it would provide her with the durability to withstand the life the girl was leading. This existence eventually became anything with its own place in the community, another chance not provided to either Dimmesdale or Chillingworth, as a result of strength of Hester’s persona and her own surety regarding her redemption.


The destruction that is made by the keeping of secrets in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Page is near-complete when it comes to Chillingworth, as he may be the only character never to acknowledge his part in the novel’s action. The two Reverend Dimmesdale and Hester manage to find a redemption of their own despite their very own sin, and fact for their acknowledgement with their sin. Redemption is a merchandise of trouble, and therefore there may be some good that sin can result in; without acknowledging this desprovisto, it simply festers in the secrecy. Hawthorne uses the Puritan faith based ethic to expose some basic human truths, which has secured this kind of novel’s place in the American canon.

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