security difficulties in southeast asia

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The last security challenge I would really prefer to address on is the terrorism. The terrorism security challenge has not been the situation that only staying considered in Southeast Asia, however , it is a global concern that concerned all of the countries. After 9/11, the main problem of the terrorism is the increasingly transnational organization and the fact that it is directed against ‘soft’ focuses on and people, inflicts unacceptable harm, and threatens the credibility of governments to shield their masse (Tellis, 2004: 41).

For instance , the intercontinental terrorist groups, as ‘s Qaeda and Jemaah Islamiyah (JI), and there were some terrorism took place in the region, such as in Bali (October 2002), Jakarta (August 2003 and September 2004) and the Thailand (February the year 2003 and Feb 2004). Additionally, there are 2 hundred million Muslims live in the Southeast Asia region. Together with the Islamic terrorism increasing recently, such as ISIS and al Qaeda, there is a certain concern that Southeast Asia might become one of many basements of Islamic terrorism. Although it has been said that the Islam in Southeast Asia region has a tolerant, modest, peaceful that is certainly different from the Islam at the center East which usually prefers even more doctrinaire varieties and it is unquestionably that. Yet , it soon became crystal clear that the place was vulnerable to the intrusion of chaotic Muslim militants as the discovery of networks associated with al Qaeda in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore (Ott, 2006).

It truly is obvious that Southeast Asia has progressed a lot following your end in the Cold War, for example , the establishment from the ASEAN, which in turn enhances the zwei staaten betreffend military assistance in this region, along with, its quick economic creation has later on brought the stability to the ASEAN countries. Without the colonial electricity, the countries start to build their own economic, political as well as the future. Nevertheless , maybe it had been because of the vulnerable democratization and political system, there still have some new reliability challenges appeared in Southeast Asia inside the post-cold war era. As I mentioned above, for example , the human reliability challenges of Rohingya took place in Myanmar, the maritime security problems, piracy, maritime terrorism, persons trafficking as well as the violation of IUU fishing, moreover the maritime place issue in the Spratly archipelago of the Southern China Ocean, last, the terrorism security issue, the area terrorist group Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) and transnational terrorism. Unlike the cold-war era, without the existence of those superb powers who have used to occupy the region, there are concerns in the event that Southeast Asia cannot handle the problems correctly that the issues could lead to the collapse of some countries in the region. However , according to Professor Sheldon Simon, who have written about Asian security for over 40 years, argues that ASEAN is pursuing an engagement strategy in the 21st century, using the great powers (the United states of america, China, India, Japan, plus the European Union) into Southeast Asia’s personal and economical discussions (2014).

Based on this information, it seems that ASEAN’s strategy is always to invite the external power to help them handle the problems. And in my opinion, while using growing status of the Affiliation of Southeast Asia Countries, it is possible which the external powers will come as well as contribute to the foreseeable future improvement in the regional security challenges.

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