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Excerpt from Thesis:

This leaves those clientele that are inside unsupervised while the guard is definitely outside. There’s also a lack of signs inside displaying rules and regulations along with guidelines. This propagates a lot of unnecessary questions being asked of the surety officer available. In order to minimize these issues it might be essential to place distinct car parking signage outside the house in order to support facilitate consumers parking inside the correct spaces. It is also essential to place directional signage in the facility along with general rules and policies. All these signs collectively would cost approximately $1, 000 to install.

The last security issue that needs to be addressed is that of the security information processes that may be in place. As each consumer arrives at the facility, their very own license dish numbers will be recorded and they are generally then designated a number. They may be seen by appropriate medical personnel based upon the order in which they are really signed in. Each day a list is generated that contains personal and confidential information about each client. There are at present no processes in place to make sure that this confidential information is not breached. The hard copies of the prospect lists are held in a workplace drawer to get the required amount of time at which point they are really then demolished. The solution to the problem should be to install a computer terminal in the security officer’s station by which he could utilize to record the mandatory information. A network would have to be set up to website link all pcs in the office together so that confidential information could be accessed by simply anyone at the office in a protect and private way. Installation of this type of system could run around $5, 000.

The nature of this kind of business is definitely a delicate one. The center is dispensing a manipulated substance in the form of Methadone, to recovering drug addicts. It is essential that the protection surrounding the Methadone is usually top notch along with the protection with the clients and the personal information. Having new hair installed might guarantee that no security breaches could happen from previous employees. Installing new signs would not only alleviate over-crowding in the center but will allow the security expert to act less like a visitors coordinator and become more available to secure the facility as well as its occupants. The new computer system would allow record sticking to become digital making that information considerably more secure. It might also help to speed up providers and effectiveness of the facility as a whole. For the reason that facility is comparatively new, they have yet to hit the capacity of clients that they can eventually possess. Planning for this increase will ease upcoming problems that may well occur while using rise in clients.


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