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Research from Business Proposal:

Selling Plan Business Pitch

Food has long been seen as a human being need and it is classified while fast moving customer good. This really is one of the primary main reasons why food industry has typically been considered as a rewarding industry by many corporate homes. An industry whose products are usually perishable in nature with a very low life, provides a large amount of room pertaining to large scale, volume-based production also generating economies of level.

Over a period of period advancements in industrial technology and information technology has enabled immense variation and perimeter of new application in the foodstuff industry. This kind of progression has been topped by the advent of internet and e-commerce. Besides that, increasing globalization, diminishing geographical and cultural boundaries and increasing awareness due to press exposure have encourages customers to appearance beyond conventional home cooked food.

One of the most recent tendencies in the foodstuff industry can be consumption of health food. The improved awareness with what to and what certainly not eat and the need to stay fit and healthy and balanced, along with association of weight and health with beauty has triggered a great obsessive amount of health conscious between many consumers, regardless of age and gender or socio economic background. The consumers right now consider standard processed and packaged food unfit for health and as a result prefer foodstuff that is lumination, fresh, natural, organic, abundant with nutrients and free from any preservatives. This kind of increasing craze has supplied an opportunity for most food suppliers to exploit the problem and come up with a relevant production.

Fresh Direct is a modern business idea that has made a powerful use of the net world to work its organization in a cheap manner. The overall business thought, as the name suggests, is to provide food products which might be fresh. These kinds of food items happen to be delivered on the customers doorstep with the purchases being positioned online.

Mission Statement

New Direct is aimed at making consumer life easy by delivering quality products at all their doorstep without the hassle with this fast paced existence.

Market Analysis

Target Market

Clean Direct’s customers not only contains consumers whom are health conscious and look for deli and organic packaged food, but as well grocery shoppers in general. While the business began with the idea of providing health foodstuffs, it steadily diversified and expanded in a grocery business. As a result the prospective market broadened considerably. The buyer groups of Refreshing Direct consist of women, both housewives functioning and nonworking, and solitary women, students (both man and female) and one men and virtually anyone that do food stores. Besides there is a special customer group that shops the deli items for new and healthful life.

Because the product line and

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