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” (Linden and Kleinm 1988, reported in Russell and Biegel, 1990). Consider the part of expert counselors ought to be expanded to involve expert counseling in support groups for brand spanking new recruits and the spouses, educating in the police academy, in-service training for police officers handling posttraumatic incidents, and providing retirement living counseling. They may have developed a peer training program in Washington dc that has been approved by the Cal Commission about Police Officers Standards and Schooling (POST). This program has been generally acclaimed by simply officers.

In respect to Kurke and Scrivner (1995) the most productive service to get psychologists to provide is probably problems intervention, instead of long-term treatment. In most areas adequate mental health resources are available to all citizens, and mental doctors in the private sector are available under a large number of health insurance ideas. These solutions should be employed. The division psychologist can maximize these resources by doing liaison job between the community’s mental well being resources, including private experts, so that law enforcement officers and their families can be known professionals who have some understanding of police operate and the law enforcement culture, and who have a desire to work with law enforcement personnel (Kurke Scrivner, 1995).

Police agencies may possibly request the advice of psychologists in evaluating officials for unique assignments, such as SWAT, hostage negotiation groups, or sex crimes. Some police companies have asked psychologists to sit in on promo boards. In our judgment, psychologists and other mental health professionals possess little to offer in these cases. The best predictor of your person’s actions are past behavior. Police officers, especially senior patrol officers, sergeants, and lieutenants, can execute a much better job than the majority of mental health professionals in selecting personnel for anyone assignments or perhaps for campaign (Kurke Scrivner, 1995).

To conclude, I recommend making use of the Tucson version to perform each of the duties described above. It is important for small police departments or sheriff’s offices to consider this version, since services involved in selection, training, and counseling could possibly be needed more in little than in large departments. Since Russell and Biegel (1990) point out, “If one person is ineffective in a ten-person section, it will be even more devastating than if one person is useless in a two thousand-person department” (p. 431).


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