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A major false impression that many people have is what they think the churchs

opinion is definitely on intercourse. Most people think that the chapel thinks love-making

is a sinful act which will only be done in privacy for procreation explanation and

should never be discussed about in public. This belief although is inappropriate

because the chapel since the beginning of time features believed that sex is known as a God

given gift. Lately a problem though has took place in which people have been

imprisoned for either promoting sexual intercourse or playing the take action.

Two new court cases that have handled the concept of sex being unmoral is

Griswold versus Connecticut and Bowers versus Hardwick. Both of these cases

brought up fresh questions regarding whether different types of sex are moral or not.

The first case was Griswold versus Connecticut. This case involved Estelle

Griswold who opened a birth control clinic around 1962 in Connecticut. This medical clinic

was made with all the belief that they can would quickly be trapped breaking among the many

Connecticut love-making laws. Three days following it opened up Griswold was arrested after

giving birth control to a the wife and hubby. The various other case was Bowers versus

Hardwick. This case involved a person named Eileen Hardwick who had been caught by a

police officer having anal sexual intercourse with another man in his own home. There is law in

Georgia that states that anal love-making is unlawful so Hardwick was instantly

arrested. Set up Church will agree with these court situations is a

challenging question to resolve. The chapels opinion on sex has evolved throughout

record. In the start the Chapel believed that sex will need to only take place if a

the wife and hubby wishes to have a child but the modern house of worship has a fresh opinion.

The current church feels sex ought to be for pleasure not just procreation as

long though while the few having sex is definitely loyal to one another. The modern church

agrees with persons having sex provided that the two folks are in love with each

other. Because of this the cathedral would believe Griswold versus Connecticut

as the birth control was handed to a married couple. If a couple are

wedded that means they will care for each other and it is not merely meaningless sex.

If the contraception was given in people who did not care about each other then

the Church would disagree. Inside the Bowers versus Hardwick case one issue

would have to end up being asked before the church could makes their discussion. The

question can be whether or not Hardwick and the gentleman he was making love with

were in take pleasure in. If the guys did love each other then by the theories of the

modern day church the sex can be allowed. Although the Church does not agree

with homosexuality it might have to argue with arresting of this young man.

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