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Sex Orientation

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Sexual Positioning of the Parent and Child Custody Proceedings

Various scholars possess noted that the struggle which has ensued within the last few decades concerning equal privileges and treatment for the Lesbian, Homosexual, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community is definitely akin to the Civil Rights Movement almost 50 years ago. The struggle is fundamentally the same: portions of Americans will be being refused their legal rights for ” light ” reasons that they cannot control. Just as one are unable to control their skin color, one can possibly also not really control your sexual positioning. The fact that one’s sexual orientation is even a question in infant custody proceedings today is something which is going to be regarded as unfathomable in the decades to come. This paper expects to demonstrate undoubtedly that one’s sexual alignment, just like their skin color or maybe one’s religious beliefs, does not impact a child’s wellbeing and should have zero weight or bearing in child custody actions.

Those who query the ability or safety of gay raising a child are typically those who represent bigoted morals. In 2012, “Republican presidential hopeful Rick Santorum told a fresh Hampshire target audience that youngsters are better off having a father in prison than being raised in a home with lesbian parents and no dad at all. And last Wednesday (Jan. 9), Pope Benedict called gay and lesbian marriage a threat ‘to the future of humankind itself, ‘ citing the need for children to have heterosexual homes” (Pappas, 2012). These sentiments merely signify the fear and bias from the speakers and demonstrate, however we forget, that we nonetheless live in an imperfect universe. These highly prejudiced audio speakers, a presidential candidate and a Pope, had been using their extremely public position to sway the views of many people towards their own fear-based opinions. Neither person got done any kind of research or perhaps conducted or gathered any social research data on the subject. The data is there, however , and speaks pertaining to itself.

In fact , social technology research illustrates that gay and lesbian parents may well in fact come with an advantage over straight father and mother. Abbie Goldberg, a psychiatrist at Clark simon University, studies parenting inside the LGBT community finding that gay and lesbian parents, “tend to be more motivated, more committed than heterosexual parents on average, since they made a decision to be father and mother Gays and lesbians seldom become father and mother by accident, compared with an almost 50 percent accidental being pregnant rate amongst heterosexualsThat means greater dedication on average and even more involvement” (Pappas, 2012). This really is a truly significant point which should not be glossed above. The fact that members of the gay community have to generate such a proactive choice regarding whether or not they will have youngsters is truly demonstrative of the fact that they need to be more used and more wanting to of elevating kids. They must have a better commitment to being a mother or father and a better understanding of the responsibilities involved. Unlike their particular straight counterparts, it’s extremely difficult for gay and lesbian parents to acquire children by accident or to be forced into a raising a child role by simply circumstance. Many of these factors have an effect in making a far more clued in and more focused mother or father.

A single massive benefits that gay and lesbian parents may offer their children is that they provide a home which is free of bias and prejudice. Homosexual parents provide children with a living communication regarding interpersonal tolerance and treating other folks fairly. “And while study indicates that kids of gay father and mother show few differences in achievement, mental wellness, social operating and other actions, these youngsters may have advantage of open-mindedness, tolerance and role models for fair relationships, in accordance to some analysis. Not only that, although gays and lesbians are likely to provide homes for difficult-to-place children inside the foster system, studies show” (Pappas, 2012). This is certainly not to imply that straight father and mother aren’t competent of taking those very same qualities towards the parenting table, they’re

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