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Perhaps due to this reference to modern day political ideals, the romantic endeavors of Shakespeare seems even more archetypal than the immediately relevant sociological discourse of “West Side Tale. ” Bernstein’s musical is usually unapologetically topical, dealing with the 1950s passion with teen delinquency as well as common hypotheses to explain that, as in the song “Gee Officer Krupkie” which suggests otherwise that delinquency is brought on by society, psychology, and also a small thug becoming “no darn good. inch While Shakespeare’s conflict between young wishes and older hatreds and resistance to alter could connect with a variety of contexts, from historic times as in the case of Pyramus and Thisbe, to the lovers of Brooke’s great Italy, to New York City gangs, to Bosnia, Bernstein’s specific focus on the linguistic differences between Muelle Ricans and whites inside their speeches and songs, the value of teen crime in American contemporary society, and specific cultural ideals like that of ‘making it’ in America would make it difficult to, for example , set “West Side Story” within place and time, as many filmmakers and playwrights have done with “Romeo and Juliet, ” just as Baz Luhrmann’s 1996 modernization of the aesthetic, if not really the language in the Shakespearean misfortune.

Bernstein, to help make the tale more plausible to a contemporary establishing, also built some notable alterations, specifically the absence of adults inside the story. Whilst in “Romeo and Juliet, ” the parents of the two lovers are only as identified to income familial combat as the quarreling maids in the street and the angry teenage boys engaged in dueling (particularly Outdated Capulet, who have tries to force his daughter to marry Paris), you will find no parental figures in “West Side Story” urging the young people to fight. Rather, the absence of nurturing and accountable parental characters is part of the tragedy. There is certainly only Bernardo, who is continue to extremely fresh, almost while young because Maria (although he interprets himself while her guardian), who is roughly the same era as Tony adamowicz. Doc, the ‘Friar Lawrence’ figure provides a relatively minor role in the tale. Instead of an older Nurse, Maria’s semi-willing intermediary in her affair is usually Anita, a, opinionated and highly sexualized woman instead of an seniors, comic number like Juliet’s nurse. Because Maria and Tony happen to be chronologically more aged than their Renaissance counterparts, all of the actors of the Bernstein music seem more alike in age than different. Each of the characters are victims of society as well as the way that poverty drives the white gangs to hate Malograr Ricans, plus the prejudice resistant to the Puerto Ricans in culture drives Desfiladero Ricans to hate whites.

Of course , what seems raising difference between “West Aspect Story” and “Romeo and Juliet” is the fact Bernstein’s work has music and moving, and Shakespeare’s play would not. However , offered the use of Shakespeare’s language, specifically in “Romeo and Juliet” which makes use of frequent metaphors (“It is a east and Juliet is a sun”), depicts the enthusiasts ‘completing’ a sonnet jointly as they fall in love, which is so audio in its construction, even when compared to Shakespeare’s later plays, this really is perhaps less important than one may possibly initially think. Shakespeare frequently uses kinesthetic action such as his battle sequences, to propel the plot frontward, like Fossiles harz uses grooving. It is not the musical aspect of “West Area Story” which makes it stand besides its first source, but the musical’s unashamed, shameless American qualities of theme and heroes that makes it of its time, seemingly ripped from the head lines of the earlier, rather than transcendent of time and place.

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