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Exactly where was Shakespeare born?

Stratford-upon-Avon, UK

Who were his parents?

Ruben Shakespeare and Mary William shakespeare (Arden)

When was Shakespeare baptized?

April 26, 1564

What was his father’s career?

farmer, glove maker, plumber, bailiff/mayor

Who do Shakespeare marry?

Anne Hathaway

How many youngsters did he have?

a few

What were his kids’ labels?

Hamnet, Susanna, Judith

When did Shakespeare arrive in London?

among 1585-early 1590s

As to what acting firm did Shakespeare belong?

Lord Chamberlain’s Men/King’s Men

What was it of his first enjoy?

Henry VI Part I

Just how many plays did he write?

around 37-39

How a large number of sonnets did he publish?


On what play perform many college students believe Othello is based?

A Moorish Captain (Un Captitano Moro)

Approximately how many different terms did Shakespeare create in the English terminology?

more than you, 700

How a number of words had been created in the creation from the King David version in the Bible?

much more than 26, 500

Once did Shakespeare die?

The spring 23, 1616

Once was the Earth theater built?


Where was it located?

Southwark Link Rd, beyond London

When made it happen burn down?


How did the fire begin?

During the performance of Henry VII a cannon utilized to mark the King’s entrance, and it trapped the roof burning down.

Briefly identify how the audience was divided and arranged for performances.

The wealthier guest of higher status had been placed in the balconies as well as the poorer residents sat nearby the front in the stage. (“pit groundlings)

How many people is the Globe carry for a functionality?

1, five-hundred people inside; about several, 000 total inside and on the Cinema grounds

Who performed there?

specialist actors (players)

Whom played the feminine roles inside the play?

fresh boys

What is a funny?

make the market laugh

What is a misfortune?

usually leads to the death of the primary characters

Who do a couple of people consider wrote Shakespeare’s plays?

Captain christopher Marlowe, Francis Bacon, Bill Jonson

Approximately how many people lived in London, uk (its metropolis proper & suburbs)?

2 hundred, 000

How big was the next major city in Europe?

Paris, france (about 95, 000)

What was the black plague? How many people did it kill?

it had been a disease that killed about 75 mil people.

What effect did it possess on the community theater?

fewer people reached the cinema because these were dead, ill, or afraid of getting the disease. (theater closed)

What humor involves winter and it is cold and dry?


What humor involves autumn and it is cold and moist?


What humor involves summer and it is hot and dry?


What humor comes with spring and is also hot and moist?


List the order of monarch who reigned during Shakespeare’s life.

California king Elizabeth We and Ruler James My spouse and i

Why did Henry VIII generate the Chapel of Britain?

He wanted a divorce by his partner Catherine of Argon, nevertheless the pope would not let him. If he were the head with the church he could marry and divorce whenever he wanted. (created new religion)

Under which monarch did Britain temporarily go back to Catholicism?

California king Mary We

So why didn’t Queen Elizabeth get married to while she held the throne?

the lady didn’t need to lose her power and in addition didn’t want a foreigner around the throne

How was Mary Full of Scots related to At the?

they were cousins

How come was the lady executed?

the lady was convicted of conspiring the fatality of Queen Elizabeth.

About which monarchs performed Shakespeare write history takes on?

Henry III, Richard II, Henry 4, Henry V, Henry NI, Edward 4, Edward V, Henry VII, Henry VIII.