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Illegitimate file sharing cost the recording industry thousands of careers. Musicians will be denied millions in royalties. This does not even consider against the law file sharing of movies, television shows and software. Just like any offense, the only victor is the lawbreaker. Thieves take those property of others without permission, and use it for own gain. Nobody different wins with illegal file sharing. The bad consequences of illegal peer to peer demand that action that must be taken to curtail it.

To be able to stop these kinds of criminal tendencies, an effective deterrent is required. The actions of the recording sector have decreased illegal peer to peer, but it hasn’t stopped this. People are still sharing documents illegally. They do so through file-sharing services like Heart Seek or LimeWire or perhaps through BitTorrent sites. Plainly, the current way of working with the issue through civil legal cases is not acting as being a deterrent into a degree that protects perceptive property rights and staunches the negative financial impacts on the documenting industry. The more effective deterrent would be felony prosecution. Persistent file sharers would be subject to felony thievery charges, provided the dollar value placed on their crimes. This would bring to them the threat of hard jail time. When the specter of incarceration is compared to the slap on the wrist these bad guys will receive if they are sued, the deterrent value of felony prosecution is definitely obvious.

Beyond the legal and ethical things to consider, there is also a solid economic case to be manufactured in support of governmental prosecution of unlawful file sharers. Record businesses have seen a decline in profits and been forced to lay away workers. The decline in profits damages shareholders, including mutual money and pension plan plans which have been owned by a wide cross-section of Americans. The five thousand shed jobs signify five thousand individuals that can no longer spend taxes. Devoid of jobs they are unable to produce a significant contribution to the economic system with their buys. When they discover new careers, the new careers are likely to shell out less, adding these workers into the ranks of the underemployed. Another monetary consequence of not prosecuting file sharers is that the regulation of law is decreased. Other companies see that the United States would not take intellectual property legal rights seriously and choose to help to make their investments elsewhere. If the government would not prosecute robbers and criminals, nobody would come to have here. The rule of law is important not only on principle but because it helps you to save money in the long run. Criminal prosecution of illegitimate file sharers is a challenging proposition – modern file sharing software makes prosecution of offenders tough under the current legal and technological environment (Schleimer Leutselig, 2001). In the long run, however , it will save our economy money.

The government has been reluctant to get involved in the problem of illegal peer to peer beyond succinct, pithy law-making including the law lately passed requiring colleges and universities to deal with the issue on their campuses (Brodsky, 2008). The industry, currently suffering the consequence of criminal activity, is trapped enforcing the law because the govt does not seem to consider it completely important. Illegal file sharing causes harm to the economy. It erodes the strength of intellectual real estate rights. This discourages the introduction of creative functions, reducing the cultural outcome. The only winners are the robbers themselves. The federal government must have a stand. It really is their job, their obligation, their responsibility. Enforcing laws and regulations is one of the most fundamental main reasons why we have government at all. It is time for the federal government to live up to its obligation. It is time for the government to begin criminal prosecutions against illegitimate file sharers.

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