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Have you ever heard about Amanda Todd, a 15 years of age Canadian lady who had taken her your life away, on October 2012, because of cyber bullying. Before her committing suicide, Amada decided to post a video telling her story about how exactly she was blackmailed, physical and internal abused. Lovato is a interpersonal problematic and a global issue which splashes most of the populace, because it will not only happen at colleges, you can also end up being witness of the in businesses, or any other community. The web page Bullying.

rg defines lovato as “a learned tendencies. It is each time a person or perhaps group tries to hurt or perhaps control somebody else in a harmful way. 

Rosa Alcazaba (2013), tutor of a public school in Bogota, Republic of colombia, said that “bullying is an action which will last on youngster for a long time, which is one of the main reasons why students start a low efficiency on schools. According to stopbullying. gov, the types of intimidation included, mental bullying, can be tell bad things to an individual (name-calling, teasing); social intimidation, involves damage somebody? status (embarrass a person in public, spread a gossip, leaves somebody aside); and the previous type is definitely physical lovato, hurts someone? s items or body (punching, break of stuff).

Furthermore, the increases of technology uses about young population and the lack of parents control about it, can be making better to develop a field of bullying on the web. This type of bullying is recognized as ciberbullying, which usually take place by using the camera and social support systems.

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This kind of bullying is a little bit harder with the patients, as it might happen 7/24 (7 days weekly and day after day a day), also ciberbullying spread fast all on the internet, reaching all the person? s i9000 contacts. A whole lot of kids believe, that producing others feel less than he, would make him better. The reality is some of this kind of kids has an issue that thy need to hide from your others, that? s why, they use bullying as a protection mechanism. One other possible answer for the behaviour is they wish to call the interest of someone (parent, group of friend).

On the other hand, is very important the role of parents or perhaps big sister/brother, because a lot of the times these are generally the one kids admire and wish to follow. Teacher Rosa, describe that the children more likely to becoming bullied will be the ones whom are considered poor. And the bullies are those who find themselves more popular around the group or are solid. Some people consider that bullying is a stage of the child years and it will offer an ending. Last statement is totally false, intimidation is a difficult and it needs to receive treatment. Bullies and bullied, both will have a shorter and permanent consequences.

But the victimizers are more inclined to experience the implications in long term. The bullies are more vunerable to get entail in dangerous activities (vandalize, physical combats, abuse of alcohol or/and drugs), and also they are more likely to knowledge bullying since his tendencies does not fit in the environment of. The psychiatrist Dan Olweus, of Norway, found on his study that about 60% of schools students in Scandinavian countries who were bullies had one or more incidents to be convicted of a crime when they were 24 years old.

On the other hand, the subjects might experience the consequences through the first time of bullying, including low self-pride, anxiety, sleep difficulties, missing classes, etc. One of the most worried consequences is that the victims can become chaotic, toward themselves or with all the community, as the bullied would want revenge of all the open public embarrassed he previously passed. Even as we can see within the newspaper and all over the media, in the last years, the number of bullycides (is a term used to explain suicide as the result of bullying) of teenagers increasing amazingly in the entire world.


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