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There are many goals around me that I would want to achieve. I actually am just 17 years old so I can’t write as much as someone two times my era so to state, but I actually strictly find out my high school graduation goals, university goals, profession goals, and personal goals. As being a 17 year old I have a whole lot already planned out so I will eventually see how close I follow my personal goals.

My own first and the most important immediate goal is always to finish high school with a G. P. A. of 3. 8 or higher. I am unable to stress enough how important this kind of goal is always to me, just for this goal will enable me personally to a higher probability of getting into the college of my personal choice. Freshman year My spouse and i finished with a 3. 0 so that means I need to research often to be able to a 3. 8 or more, and sophomore year I actually finished with a 3. 1, but that actually isn’t my goal that’s just the most affordable G. G. A. Let me accept I absolutely am targeting a 4. 0 or more. I am most self-confident that I will be able to reach this kind of goal while using help coming from teachers and family they shall be a main factor in high school.

There exists only one more very important year of my own high school life so I need to study hard and knuckle down to reach this goal. My own next short-term goal has already been in my brain since a year ago that I was a little concerned with, I’m concerned with getting a low grade on the SAT or perhaps ACT. This all depending on what college I would like to attend. So far I possess not yet never have decided on what college is correct for me.

I use taken the PSAT (preliminary SAT) in 10th grade so I have a pretty good option what the actual SAT may be like. Taking the LAY in younger and handling it will available many gates for me to enter a great college or university. So I may have some methods with SITTING books to help my research.

I’ve recently been told that junior season is one of the most significant years if you are looking to college. This kind of test is going to either make or break my school application.

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