should the us have fallen the atomic bomb upon

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The Atomic Bomb

There has been a long standing argument on for what reason the atomic bomb utilized to

wipe out Japan. The threat of Russian growth in The european countries and in Asia was

enough to worry the top officials in america and Uk governments.

Wherever the Russians shifted through they will took for themselves. The imminent

invasion of landmass Japan plus the allied casualties that came with it were also

a factor in the decision to drop the explosive device, as said in doc A. The dropping

of the bomb has not been entirely used to stop the Russian advancement.

If the sibling forces had invaded mainland Japan, a large number of lives on both equally

sides might have been lost. Most probably much more than were dropped in the bombing of

Hiroshima and Nagasaki put together. The tactics the fact that allies experienced used up to

this point got cost hundreds of thousands of lives onboth factors. This was

when the Japanese simply had could be two or three thousands of men with an island, whereas

on the mainland millions of people would you fight until their fatality to protect

their particular country. Can you imagine if the People in the usa invaded landmass Japan in which

they had not only soldiers to fight against but the individuals of Japan loyal to

Hirohito? Massive destruction, tremendous loss of lifestyle, and extending of the conflict

until later 1946, as stated in document A, might result from entering on foot

instead of using the explosive device.

Revenge likewise played a role in the decision to explosive device Japan. Japan

were not following a Geneva convention in regards to take care of prisoners of

war. Which will says the prisoners should not be put through torture in the

psychological or physical nature. Japan did these things anyway, they will

would decapitate American prisoners, or they might shove bamboo shoots underneath

their fingernails. The American government also wanted payback for the surprise

attack on Pearl Harbor. No caution was given by the Japanese to the Americans

with out war was declared till after the event.

The Russian territorial expansion definitely enjoyed a factor in the

dropping the bomb about Japan. The Soviet Union had currently taken Belgium and many

different countries duringthe war. The Soviets were helping the Chinese with all the

war against Japan sometime later it was would get railroads in Cina and Manchuria when

The japanese completely surrendered, as stated in document M. As explained in file E

the Americans would not want the Russians to get involved in the war against Japan.

Raising reasons would be to preventthe Russians from expanding any

the to keep them out of Japan in which they would hinder the peace process and

gain more territory.

Since president Harry Truman says in his radio address, record H, most of

the countries involved were trying to create the atomic bomb to work with for their

efforts. Fortunately the Americans won the contest of discovery. If the Germans

had won that race that they probably would possess used it consistently in The ussr and

Great britain until Hitler got what he needed which was globe domination plus the

extinguishing from the Jewish and more and the incline of his superior contest of

Germans. The falling of the atomic weapon about Japan was not entirely to prevent

Soviet enlargement although it do play a major role.

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