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Traveling is a large growing business in Pakistan and other countries. Bus booking system deals with maintenance of data of details of each traveler who had reserved a chair for a voyage. It also includes maintenance of info like timetable and details of each bus. We observed the working of the Bus booking system and after going through it, we get to be aware of that there are a large number of operations, that they can have to do physically. It takes time and effort and causes various errors.

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Due to this, sometimes a whole lot of concerns occur plus they were facing many conflicts with clients. To solve these problem, and further maintaining data of items, seat availability can be, price of per seat, bill era and other things, we are giving this proposal of reservation system. Applying this software, we are able to reserve entry pass from any kind of part of the universe, via internet. This project provides and checks a variety of constraints so that user will give just useful info and thus affirmation is done within an effective way.


Our task is to computerize traveling organization to manage data, so that every one of the transactions turn into fast and there should not be any mistake in deal like calculations mistake, expenses generation and also other things. It replaces all the paper function. It retains records of all bills as well, giving to assure 100% powerful implementation with the computerized Shuttle bus reservation system. Our booking system provides three segments. First module helps the client to enquire the of seating in a particular bus in particular day. Second module helps him to reserve a solution. Using third module they can cancel a reserved ticket.


System study aims at establishing requests for the system to be acquired, development and installed. That involves studying and examining the ways associated with an organization at the moment processing your data to produce information. Analyzing the condition thoroughly forms the vital part of the program study. In system research, prevailing condition of issue is carefully examined by breaking them in to sub challenges. Problematic areas are discovered and data is accumulated. Data gathering is essential to the analysis of requests. It is very important that this analysis familiarizes founder with aims, activities as well as the function from the organization when the system is to be implemented.

three or more. 1 . Analyze of existing system

2. Existing product is totally about book and therefore a great amount of manual work needs to be done. How much manual function increases significantly with increase in bus services. * Has to have a lot of functioning staff and additional attention upon all the documents. * In existing system, there are various problems like keeping records of items, seats offered, prices of per/seat and fixing invoice generation to each bill. 2. Finding out details regarding any information is very challenging, as the user has to go through all the ebooks manually. * Major problem was the lack of protection.


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