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Thomas Edison

An inventor and a business owner who set up a commercial laboratory at Menlo Park, Nj. There he led a team of scientists who were funded by simply investors within a quest for many different inventions. The inventions developed at Menlo Park included the incandescent light bulb plus the phonograph. Once the light bulb was perfected, Edison had to develop an entire electric powered system to help make the light bulb useful and to highlight its potential. He created a power generating train station in Nyc that provided the power to light business office buildings and started a firm to provide electric power to the city (1882).

Other metropolitan areas also built power areas and shortly many businesses utilized the electric light. This improved the work practices of Americans whom could today work longer hours. Eventually homes were lit by incandescent bulb and labor saving equipment were powered by electric power. However it was many years just before electricity come to Americans in rural areas.

Edison’s invention eventually led to the creation in the General Electric powered Corporation (early 1890’s).

Who made the incandescent light bulb?

Jones Edison

What did Thomas Edison establish?

ad advertisement laboratory

Where did Thomas Edison establish the commercial clinical?

Menlo Park, New Jersey

What other invention was developed for Menlo Area?

the phonograph

What did Thomas Edison have to develop as soon as the incandescent bulb was perfected and how come?

He had to produce an entire electric system. This would make the lamp practical and showcase it is potential.

What would Thomas Edison build?

This individual built a power producing station.

Where do Thomas Edison build the ability generating stop?

New York City

What year did Thomas Edison start a company to supply electricity to New York City?


Just how did the electric light change the work patterns of many Americans?

They may now work longer hours.

What areas would not receive electric power for many years?

non-urban areas

What do the invention with the incandescent lamp lead to at some point?

the creation of the General Electric Company

When did the creation with the General Electric Corporation happen?

early 1890’s

Alexander Graham Bells

invented the product and then designed that invention into a key corporation, Bells Telephone Company, that later became American Telephone and Telegraph. F?R ATT eventually supplied telephone solutions to people throughout the United States. Bells also founded a clinical where he countless other experts to develop new inventions.

Who created the telephone?

Alexander Graham Bell

What major firm did Alexander Graham Bells develop?

Bell Telephone Organization

What did Bell Telephone business later turn into?

American Mobile phone and Telegraph

What acronym was made for American Telephone and Telegraph?


Accurate or Phony: ATT at some point provided mobile phone services to the people throughout the United States.


What else did Bell found?

a laboratory in which he worked with various other scientists to build up new innovations

The Wright Brothers (Orville and Wilbur)

They started the aircraft sector with their tests in manned flight. That they experimented with a flying machine for several years before their power-driven airplane flew for 12 seconds for Kitty Hawk, North Carolina (1903).

What industry would the Wright Brothers start off?

the aeroplanes industry

What performed the Wright Brothers experiment with?

manned airplane

What year would the Wright Brothers’ motorized airplane soar?


Where did the Wright Brothers execute their tests?

Kitty Hawk, North Carolina

How various seconds performed the Wright Brother’s motor-driven aircraft travel?


Albert Einstein

He was not an inventor nevertheless a physicist who built significant input to the world of scientific research and to the emergence states as a globe power. Einstein is best known pertaining to the theory of relativity (1915). His efforts were made during the first half the 20th 100 years, not through the same period as Edison and Bell. Einstein’s contributions might best be trained in the circumstance of the world wars. Because he was Jewish, Einstein fled Australia in 1933 and reached the United States. Having been instrumental in convincing Leader Roosevelt to determine the New york Project, which usually developed the atomic blast. Although the progress the atomic bomb was based on Einstein’s work (E=mc2), Einstein him self did not indulge in that task.

What sort of scientist was Albert Einstein?


What is Albert Einstein best known for?

the idea of relativity

What year would Albert Einstein develop the theory of relativity?


What faith does Albert Einstein practice?


When someone practices Judaism what does which will make him/her?


What year did Albert Einstein flee Philippines?


Why would Albert Einstein flee Philippines?

because he was Jewish

What would Albert Einstein influence President Roosevelt to do?

establish the Manhattan Project

What did the Manhattan Project do?

develop the atomic bomb

What was the introduction of the atomic bomb dependant on?

Einstein’s work (E=mc2)

Did Albert Einstein take part in the Manhattan Project?