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DEPARTMENT OF SOCIOLOGYFACULTY OF SOCIAL AND MANAGEMENT SCIENCES198120035623500BAYERO UNIVERSITY, KANOSOC 1200 INTRODUCTION TO SOCIOLOGY I actually ASSIGNMENTSociologist study almost every facet of life in society. With examples explain the importance of the discipline of sociology. GROUP 5ASHRAF AHMAD MUHAMMAD EES/17/ARC/00051ABUBAKAR SHEHU MUHAMMAD EES/17/ARC/00032GHALI HAMISU MAIKATAKO EES/17/ARC/00022AL-AMEEN AMINU AYAMA EES/17/ARC/00012ABDULLAHI ZAHRA ADO EES/17/ARC/00004OBAFEMI ADETOLA RAPHAEL EES/17/ARC/00040MOSES RAPHEL AVONG EES/17/ARC/00031IBRAHIM AMINU ARMONIA EES/17/ARC/00013AMINA PAGE IBRAHIM EES/17/ARC/00009BASHIR MUHAMMAD EES/15/ARC/00125ZAINAB ABBA DATTI EES/15/ARC/00126FATIMA MUHAMMAD EES/15/ARC/00129SALEH ADAMU MUHAMMAD EES/15/ARC/00128MUHAMMAD NURADEEN ALABA EES/18/ARC/00181IBRAHIM SHAWAI YUSUF EES/18/ARC/00187INTRODUCTIONThe word sociology is a combination of the Latin word socius’ and Ancient greek word Logus, Logus implies study on the high level and socius points to society.

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Thus, etymologically, sociology means the study of society on a highly generalized or summary level. Put simply, the etymological meaning of sociology is the science of society’.

Sociology is the science of society in general. No additional social science endeavors to analyze society in totality. Sociable sciences just like history, economics, political research, anthropology, psychology etc . manage particular aspect of society. Political science works with political organizations and personal activities. Record deals with exceptional events in relation to past. Economics is concerned with activities relating to production and consumption. These types of social savoir do not give a complete photo of the world. Sociology however, studies society in its entirety. It essentially and fundamentally deals with that network of social human relationships we call up society. Science has been understood to be a body system of knowledge. Sociology is also a body of knowledge about contemporary society. Sociology since science of society refers to a body of knowledge about society which has been empirically analyzed. Society can be defined as the complicated network and constantly changing pattern of social associations. Sociology is definitely the science of society, therefore defined. Sociology has been described in number of ways by diverse scholars. You will find as many definitions of sociology as there are sociologists. Auguste Comte (1839) identified sociology as the science of human association or the analyze of gregarious life. In 1851, he defined sociology again while an summary theoretical science of sociable phenomena. According to him it is the organization of sociology to discover and abstract social laws and thereby to clarify the interpersonal phenomena. Other scholars just like Harry M. Johnson found sociology like a science that deals with social groups: their internal varieties or settings of organization, the processes that tend to maintain or alter these forms of organization, as well as the relations between groups. Sociology is the examine of cultural relationships. Tiny defines sociology as the science of cultural relations. In accordance to 3rd there’s r. E. Park and F. W. Burgess, Sociology is the science of collective tendencies. Sociology can be defined as a body of scientific knowledge about human relationships, in respect J. F. Cuber. Morris Ginsberg articulates that Inside the broadest sense, sociology is a study of human relationships and interrelations, their circumstances and implications. IMPORTANCE OF SOCIOLOGYIn today’s universe, the importance of Sociology is growing day by day. In this era of globalization just about every next day cultural life of man is becoming more and more challenging. It is Sociology which makes individuals to understand the difficulties of existence and courses them how to cope with the ever-changing situation. The practical facet of Sociology is essential in the analyze of sociable problems, sociable work and social adjustmentSociology makes a scientific study of societyPrior to the emergence of sociology, the study of contemporary society was continued in an unscientific manner and society acquired never been focused in any science. The study of sociology managed to get possible to know and learn scientific ways to analyze society. It can be through the examine of sociology that the genuinely scientific study with the society continues to be possible. Sociology because of its bearing upon most of the problems of the present globe has thought such an excellent importance that is certainly considered the best approach to every one of the social savoir. Sociology sheds more mild on the social nature of manNo man is a great island. Sociology digs deep into the cultural nature of man. It tells us how come man is known as a social animal, why he lives in an organization, communities and societies. It examines the relationship between person and world, the impact of society in man and other matters. Sociology increases the power of social actionThe science of society assists an individual to comprehend himself, his capacities, skills and limits. It allows him to modify himself towards the environment. Understanding of society, social groups, social institutions, groups, their functions etc . assists us to acquire an effective interpersonal life. Sociology studies part of the organizations in the development of the individualsIt is through sociology that scientific study from the great cultural institutions as well as the relation individuals to each has been made. The property and friends and family, the school and education, the church and religion, the state and federal government, industry and work, the community and connection, these are establishments through which culture functions. Sociology studies these institutions and the role inside the development of the person and advises suitable measures for conditioning them with some to enable them to provide the individual better. Study of sociology is definitely indispensable pertaining to understanding and planning of societySociety is known as a complex phenomenon with a great number of complexities. It really is impossible to know and fix its several problems devoid of support of sociology. It is rightly declared we cannot understand and mend world without any knowledge of its system and construction. Without the investigation carried out by sociology no genuine effective cultural planning would be possible. It helps us to look for the most efficient opportinity for reaching the goals agreed upon. A great amount of knowledge about contemporary society is necessary before any sociable policies can be carried out. Sociology is of great importance in the answer of cultural problemsThe present world is definitely suffering from many problems that could be solved through scientific study with the society. It’s the task of sociology to study the interpersonal problems throughout the methods of scientific research and to find out way to them. The scientific study of human affairs will in the end provide the physique of knowledge and principles which will enable us to control the conditions of interpersonal life and improve all of them. Sociology features drawn our attention to the intrinsic really worth and pride of manSociology has been instrumental in changing our attitude towards individuals. In a specific society many people are limited for the amount in the whole firm and traditions that we can easily experience straight. We can rarely know the people of other areas intimately. In order to have insight into and appreciation from the motives with which others live and the circumstances under that they can exist understanding of sociology is crucial. Sociology is promoting our perspective with regard to the down sides of crimeIt is through the study of sociology which our whole prospect on various aspects of criminal offense has alter. The bad guys are now treated as human beings suffering from mental deficiencies and efforts are appropriately made to rehabilitate them because useful people of the contemporary society. Sociology has made great contribution to enrich human being cultureHuman tradition has been made richer by the contribution of sociology. The social phenomenon is now realized in the light of clinical knowledge and enquiry. Relating to Lowie most of us possess the secure delusion our way of carrying out things is definitely the only practical if not merely possible one. Sociology has given us training to acquire rational approach to questions with regards to oneself, a person’s religion, customs, morals and institutions. It has further trained us to be objective, important and dispassionate. It enables man to have better understanding both of himself and of others. By relative study of societies and groups apart from his presence, his existence becomes wealthier and fuller than it might otherwise end up being. Sociology as well impresses upon us the necessity of overcoming slim personal prejudices, ambitions and class hate. Sociology features proven to be of great importance in the solution of international problemsThe headway of physical savoir has brought the nations on the planet nearer to one another and has taken on the trends known as the positive effect. But in the social discipline the world has been left behind by revolutionary progress of the scientific research. The world is divided critical economically and socially providing rise to tension and conflict. Gentleman has failed to bring in peace. Sociology can help us in understanding the underlying causes and worries. REFERENCESFerrante, Mary. Sociology ” A Global Perspective. 7th male impotence. 2011Plummer, Ashton kutcher. Sociology ” The Basics. 2010Durkheim, E., T. A Spaulding, and G. Simpson. Suicide: A Study in Sociology. New york city: Macmillan, 1947

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