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A Small Office Home business office (SOHO) network is used mainly used for conversing locally by way of a Local Area Network (LAN) in small business surroundings (Bell, 2004). Before coming up with such a network, it can be, however , advisable to determine a great foundation for the demands of the business. Following this criterion, the following circumstance is described as a foundation for Mark and Horton tax accounting company.

The two tax accountants need to set up a new office found in Melbourne, Down under for their business processes (financial planning and taxation processes). The startup personnel includes four highly trained full-time accountancy firm, two jr . accountants, and two receptionists. However , you will discover additional part-time financial experts (two of them) who have work only two days per week. The two hundred and fifty square metres office consists of a receptionist desk, a small room for holding group meetings, a waiting around room intended for company consumers, a staff area, a boardroom and 8-10 rooms for consultations. The company owner features purchased ten similar computer’s desktop computers to get the a lot of the time accountants. This individual has also presented two identical laptops for the part-timers. Like a network tech, I have been chosen to develop a SOHO network for Draw and Horton company.

Process One

The primary target of the initial task is usually to successfully connect the personal pc computers intended for effective interaction amongst themselves. The desirable media just for this connectivity can be described as wired network. I would specifically use a twisted pair cable for this process. Twisted couple cable has got the following features that make it a perfect solution to get implementing this network. The connectivity acceleration faster, about 100mbps. The cable can be long enough, it possesses a maximum cable length of approximately 100m. Twisted pair cable television is preferred because of its ease of installation, it is more compact in size as compared to coaxial cable hence making it more desirable to be used, it can also easily bend compared to other transmission media. Finally, it is compatible with intermediary devices, twisted pair cables connect by means of an RJ45 connector which can be commonly seen in intermediary devices.

Task Two

Indicate and Horton Company needs a wireless interconnection that would be used by the part-time financial officers. A few equipment will be essential to extend the wired connection to support wi-fi devices while still preserving the large transmission speeds. A wireless gain access to point will probably be connected to the move via twisted pair cable television. This method of connectivity will ensure maximum speed in the cellular network.

Task Three

The company also requires using multifunctional ink jet printers in their organization processes. A wired multimedia would be required to connect the printers to the network in comparison to the wireless media. It is because wired media delivers higher rates of speed between the two media (Wells, 2009). Additionally , using a born media lowers the chances of having a point of failure on the printer for the reason that printer would not be shifted at any given time. Intended for wireless media, they can be a point of failing since the computer printer will be quickly moved from place to the other. Finally, the usage of a wired network would allow control of jobs from both equally wired and wireless gadgets connected to the network.

Task Four

The table under contains the static IP tackles for the devices coupled to the network.


IP Address

  • Desktop_1

192. 168. 95. 1 255. 255. 255. 0

  • Desktop_2

192. 168. 100. two 255. 255. 255. zero

  • Desktop_3

192. 168. 75. 3 255. 255. 255. 0

  • Desktop_4

192. 168. 100. some 255. 255. 255. 0

  • Desktop_5

192. 168. 95. 5 255. 255. 255. 0

  • Desktop_6

192. 168. 100. 6th 255. 255. 255. zero

  • Desktop_7

192. 168. 95. 7 255. 255. 255. 0

  • Desktop_8

192. 168. 100. almost 8 255. 255. 255. 0

  • Laptop_1

192. 168. 90. 9 255. 255. 255. 0

  • Laptop_2

192. 168. 100. twelve 255. 255. 255. 0

  • Printer

hundranittiotv?. 168. 200. 100/24

Task Five

The screenshot below represents the implementation of the network topology as it appears in the packet dire software.

Figure you Network Topology

Activity Six

A ping test is performed to evaluate the network and check that all personal computers and notebooks can communicate with each other. The screenshots below symbolize the results of pinging specific IP addresses of the desktop pcs and laptop computers.

Task Several

Protection of the network users is essential. The safeguarded protocol accustomed to authenticate the part-time employees would be WPA2 with AES Encryption. The configuration of the security process has been performed in the box tracer software program. The pkt file attached herein displays the construction.

Task Ten

It explains the output of Apache device branded Desktop_5 after running prevalent command range tools. From the output effects shown around the screen, the IP edition 4 treat of the equipment is 192. 168. 90. 10 255. 255. 255. 0. The IP variation 6 in the machine is fe80: a00: 27ff: feb0: 168c. The MAC address of the equipment is ’08: 00: twenty-seven: B0: 16: 8C. The default gateway is hundranittiotv?. 168. 75. 255 255. 255. 255. 0. The equipment does not have internet on-line because the output shows fifty-one errors in the utility method.

Task Nine

Establishing the physical network inside the real world while demonstrated in the packet dire software will certainly lead to complains regarding the printers. Troubleshooting this problem reveals the main cause of the problem. This issue occurs mainly because no standard gateway have been configured inside the switch.

Activity Ten

After troubleshooting the installers laptop to recognize the reasons intended for failure for connecting to the wifi network, the cause and option can be discovered. The builder will have to discover the particular identity of the companys wireless network and request for the username and password of the network to connect towards the network.

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