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This guide, in my opinion, is definitely a good sort of a dramón killer

wonderful ironic demise. The publication begins with an example of serial killing

where a powerful, powerfulk man is killed simply by an meurtrier. The book

after the eradicating, follows the killer to an unusual place-a concert area.

There it can be found that the killer can be internationally famous concert pianist

John Mikali.

This man, Mikali, has been suffering from death and pain most of his your life.

His friends and family has been structured through a stout naval history, as his father, and

relatives past have all been commanders and captains of great naval delivers.

The one burglary the cycle was his Grandfather and him, Ruben, who is a

concert pianist. John is usually clever but physcotic, mainly because his hobby, as

gruesome as it may appear, is killing. It started one day the moment his childcare professional was

wiped out. It looked she was killed by a hit and run new driver. John, whom loved

his nanny so much, decided to receive revenge, and revenge he did. He killed

the person who had been driving a car the car.

The publication starts out, as said, using a killing and after that by revealing the

fantastic. Then the book goes into a tale of the life of the man Mikali.

His mother and father have been killed for sea, and the only persons he had

kept were his nanny wonderful aunt. The book gives an accurate explanation of

his life and times before his extraordinary hobby.

After the book describes Mikalis background, which will itself full

with fatality, the publication goes into the latest life of Mikali and just how he have got to

where he is definitely. Mikali uncovered his great talent in music at a very early on

age. His grand-father, that is the only blood relative this individual has left, is

committed to his grand-son. He gives his son the best schooling in the

form of music he enjoys the most: the Piano.

The book after it has dealt with earlier times then adopts the present.

Using this method, it is similar to a time line:


After the recent past, in which Mikali has killed over 31 well known

and influential persons all around the earth. He uses his influential piano

contacts to travel all around the globe. He then makes the perilous mistake

another person did to him by doing it to someone else, with even more electricity

than him. Mikalis most loved comparative was murdered by a struck and work

driver-and eventually Mikali eliminates the girl of a retired SAS Gift

Asa Morgan. Morgan is known as a trained and skilled monster himself.

It is satrical in the fact any time Morgans child is slain, he

goes on a rampage, like Mikali after his aunt is killed. Mikali took away

his craze on the complete globe-and Morgan took UT out on Mikali and everyone

connected with him. Morgan, after learning his daughter is dead, throws

every rules from the military system out the window and goes following Mikali.

Although Morgan doesnt know who slain his child, he will know that

the original murder at the beginning of the publication is related to his own

children murder. Mikali has gained a world- wide status as a

excellent pianist-and his alter ego as being a fearless and skilled great.

Payback plays it is part in this book, following Mikali having taken his out

on the whole world, and Morgan planning to get his daughter again. Morgan

after tracking down Mikali through skilled deduction, (he examines all of the

murders and pieces jointly that Mikali was in metropolis giving some sort of

musical performance) kills Mikali in the only place that may be deemed match

to destroy Mikali in-A music lounge.

The book is extremely real in the aspect of serial killers. This portrays a great

excellent example of a person who kills in sequence with a great intricate

plan. The monster, Mikali, kills all of his victims basically and with a plan.

Also, Mikali gets rid of many people. Thats one common trait with serial criminals.

As with Charles Manson, Mikali killed his victims without remorse or pity.

He wiped all of them clear from the face of the globe without a second thought

as they thought it might have an impact on the earth. Mikalis prepare was

that if an individual did some thing bad to him, then they should be deceased. Mikali

killed a man who had been leading the group who also financed a political

uprising in his native Greece. And he also killed a male because he believed

the man was bad for the human race.

The real clue that undid Mikali was one of if he killed a person, he

manufactured the mistake of killing him when he was at the same building as Mikali.

Mikali have been staying in a hotel together with the same gentleman, and he killed him-and

the police had been baffled mainly because no find of the great had been identified.

Using this, Manubrio Morgan thoroughly deducted that Mikali was responsible for

his daughters loss of life.

Mikalis killing is definitely likened to Mansons in the fact that it was simply

one piece in a enormous master plan-Mansons for a fresh earth although Mikalis

only one piece in a huge problem of payback.

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