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Following watching “I Lived” I felt like I could carry out more to have my life to the fullest. The boy in the video is unfortunately troubled by Cystic Fibrosis, yet this individual lives as if he would not have it. This individual does not allow it to get in the way of leading as near a normal life as he can. The “I Lived” video by OneRepublic communicates a style of living life to the fullest through the use of hues, objects, and placement within the online video. Through the use of darker and nice colors, OneRepublic communicates when there is a completely happy or unfortunate moment within the song. OneRepublic, who composed “I Lived” sang, “The only method you can find out, You gave it all you had” employed dark shades when Thomas Tedder sang these words and phrases producing the theory to the market that this particular moment was obviously a sad 1 as the boy place his mask on (1: 54).

In the song and in life colors set the feeling for many various things. When you are in a funeral everyone dons black establishing a sad and mournful feelings. When the boy is inside his area using his mask, it can be dark while the sun is certainly going down. Whereas when he is definitely outside playing sports it truly is bright away, and he’s living his life. Even in videos colors arranged the feelings. Horror videos typically make use of darker colors to make the audience scared, but happy videos use shiny colors and are also usually exterior making the audience feel secure and at serenity. Andrew Baker, who wrote the article “Storytelling With Color” says, “You look at The Godfather, and if you were to produce it brighter so you could see the stars faces better, it would consider you away of that mood”, which facilitates the idea that color has an effect on the emotions from the audience in a video or movie “Storytelling”.

OneRepublic also uses objects to produce an enjoyable or downcast tone. When the boy dons the hide the sculpt of the tune gets uninspiring and sad. When the cover up is everywhere, even existence seems to stop. In an document, Bernhardt, mother of a kid with Sanfilippo syndrome explained, “sending Anna to a fresh school means a 35-minute round-trip shuttle bus ride daily and it might only increase her decline” using the shuttle bus to fabricate a low tone leading to the fact of her children decline in the event she rides the bus “Dying”. Afterwards, in the song the boy is operating his bike. When he is usually on his motorcycle he seems alive. The bike gives him a sense of actually living his existence as much as he can. He would not let nearly anything get in his way. Almost all there is, is definitely him plus the road prior to him. He also likes to play handbags. Hockey is known as a team sport and to be able to play that with his friends allows him to have a normal life.

Both the cycle and the handbags stick build a lighthearted sculpt, revealing towards the audience that he is in a happy mind-set, living his life to the absolute maximum. Finally, site plays an essential role in communicating the concept of living life to the fullest. Through the music video, the son was unfortunate and disappointed when he was inside. He’d wear his mask looking outside hoping to receive out and live his life, unconfined to the clutch of Cystic Fibrosis. When it was in the morning and he was outside together with his friends operating his cycle and playing hockey, having been ecstatic and filled with happiness. Joyce Alter, Editor-in-chief explained, “Still, there is something and so relaxing about savoring the smell of spices food preparation on the range, pouring a glass of wine, and the best part: progressing to eat the finished product” which is how she lives a happy your life in her dark or sad moments “Positive”. When ever she comes back home she detects happiness in cooking. Becoming in her kitchen is definitely how she relaxes and brings peacefulness to the end of a demanding day. Once anyone is experiencing a hard time anytime, finding something which makes you content is important since it is how you live life.

This really is similar to what OneRepublic provides through the tune “I Lived”, because the young man in the video found that thing that made him happy and used it to live a happy lifestyle. Cystic Fibrosis is an infectious disease that leaves the airways and other organs blocked with mucus. This makes deep breathing very hard and leaves the patient prone to pneumonia and bronchitis. Another impact in guys is that it can cause male infertility. Treatment to Cystic Fibrosis is nominal. There are 3 treatments including a vibrating vest to clear the mucus, a breathing mask to suck in medicines, last but not least dietary supplements. There is no cure to Cystic Fibrosis, but work out like bicycling is good to aid one’s inhaling and exhaling. CF can be described as disease that is usually found and diagnosed in young age. This talks about a boy who was clinically determined to have it extremely young and offers learned to have with this disease. This individual has learned to live with it through enjoying physical exercises such as using his motorcycle and playing hockey effortlessly his close friends. His bicycling team ran to raise funds to help exploration in Cystic Fibrosis.

To conclude, this paper was about living life to the fullest even if things are in the way, do not allow them keep from living. “I Lived” by OneRepublic fabricates a note of living life with no boundaries through the use of things, location inside the video, and colors. So , following reading this and watching “I Lived” by OneRepublic do not let anything interfere with you living your life to the absolute maximum. When occasions are hard and press you down, it is your decision to stay straight down or return up. This can be compared with one who allows their concerns keep them knocked down, quitting on attempting, and not receiving anywhere. Or perhaps one who destroys through their very own cage and accomplishes their dreams. Tend not to confuse living to the fullest with ordinary stupidity, like making poor decisions since it could come with many different effects. Living life to the fullest appears like someone who goes out past their very own comfort areas and specific zones and finds happiness in something. Acting on what makes these people happy and pursuing a joyful, lighthearted, and cheerful life.

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