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“Se habla Espanol,  a memoir written by Tanya Karen Barrientos, was published by Borderline People: A New Technology of Latinas Dish on Sex, Sass & Ethnic Shifting (HarperCollins, 2004). Barrientos is a Guatemalan born Latino that was brought to the United States as a child, although failed to identify with her beginnings and observed herself because an American lady who fought as the to restore her identity and acceptance as a Latino woman. Barrientos was brought to the United States in a very young age by her parents who immersed her into the American culture by speaking nothing at all, but English language.

This was to serve the goal of blending her more in to her fresh society and thus, ensuring her success. Barrientos describes just how Americans during that time are not culturally tolerant and anticipated foreigners who have entered into their country “to drop their cultural baggage at the border (2004). Barrientos believed that speaking Spanish translated into being poor, waiting desks at eating places and washing hotel rooms.

In addition , this meant being excluded at school activities just like cheerleading or perhaps not having an opportunity to go to school. Barrientos liked saying “yo no hablo espanol (2004) to Latino store man or women and waitresses. As a result, this made her feel outstanding and also built her experience American.

Appropriate in with the American society was necessary for Barrientos. Your woman stayed away from speaking Spanish because your woman did not want to be labeled as a Latina. Barrientos was advised by her best friends that she did not seem “Mexican and the girl took the comment as being a compliment. For Barrientos, this did not matter that her parents talked Spanish and were powerful. She stayed away from speaking Spanish because it was important for her to adjust to into the American society.

When she was sixteen, your woman told her dad she disliked being known as Mexican as the word was hurled as an insult. As a result, her father understood how the lady felt about her local culture. That summer, this individual decided to send her to Mexico Metropolis so she could see how beautiful South america is and feel happy with it. When she graduated from college, Barrientos noticed that society had shifted. The nation had changed its thoughts about ethnic id. Children had been told to picture America as a colorful quilt and she was left questioning where she would fit in. Spanish language became the glue thatheld the new Latino-American communities with each other. In her quest to re-enter the Latino community and give us a call at herself Latina for pride, she chosen to take Spanish lessons to master the language and fit in. By simply her mid-twenties, Barrientos finally understood that being a proud Latina supposed showing the earth how diverse our culture can be.

The main reason for the story was to illustrate the struggles that individuals from other nationalities are faced with when aiming to fit into American society. The author’s determination is shown by her determination to master Spanish and trying to fit in the group your woman was intended belong to. Barrientos’ determination is apparent from the beginning when she says this is the sixth Spanish school that your woman signed up for. In addition , Barrientos needs compassion the moment she alienates herself inside the story simply by stating that she has not really met anyone like her or, could be if there is, they have not publicly stated to this because they as well might be struggling to fit in. Finally, mcdougal states that “when accurate speakers discover my limitations, that is when I get the look that makes me think I’ll never really belong (Barrientos, 2011, pg#60).

The genre of the short account can be determined by the fact that Barrientos is speaking from quality experience. The lady speaks about her challenges and how this lady has overcome all of them. When the girl was a girl, she tried to fit in like a true American. In her early twenties, she embraced her tradition and history although she struggled to fit in to the Latino community as a result of challenges of speaking Spanish. This tale is created for audiences with a cultural background that identifies with Barrientos’ backdrop. It could be another person of Mexican descent or any other competition trying to learn chinese, accept their heritage in order to find their put in place the American culture and society.

In the beginning, Barrientos quickly immersed into the American tradition and the only language she learned was English. The lady felt superior by informing other Hispanic people “yo no hablo espanol (2004). At the end with the essay, the lady realized that the lady had something that people from the other races did not have. 1st, she accepted her indigenous culture by simply traveling to Mexico and Guatemala to learn more about the culture. Secondly, she enrolled in Spanish classes, hired instructors and paid attention to tapes tobecome almost bilingual. Lastly, the lady wanted to enhance her ability so she could be considered as an “authentic Latina. The tone that Barrientos utilized in this dissertation is of frustration in not so sure where the lady belonged in society. Your woman struggled with her identity and put in a lot of time and money looking for her authentic self. Almost all she desired was to claim a rightful spot in the broad Latino spectrum. Her stance was very straightforward without using a tone that was extremely upsetting with her audience. The lady used a number of sentences that were very highly effective and that was all the lady needed to get her stage and problems across.

My own initial response after browsing “Se idiolecto Espanol was of understanding and empathy for Barrientos. Being coming from a Philippine background and migrating to the United States as a young woman in 1987, I understood and related to some of the challenges and frustrations Barrientos had growing up when trying to be accepted because an authentic Latina. I i am a happy Hispanic girl and i am always happy to share with others the history and culture from the country I had been born in. I remarkably respect everybody who feels proud of all their culture similar to the way as I perform. It is miserable that Barrientos’ parents targeted only on raising American children but not allowing them to master Spanish to make sure that they fit in the Anglo society. As a parent, I ensured my kids spoke The spanish language in their early childhood years. I instilled in them the importance of understanding the west and to end up being proud of that. By the end of the story, We admired Barrientos for adopting her local culture, seeing that she should be a proud Latino and for making a great work to learn The spanish language to efficiency.


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