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Excerpt from Term Paper:

21st century worker: Keeping employees enthusiastic in a global economy

Staff motivation is important in today’s hyper-competitive, global world of business; as such costly appropriate matter for the speech to become presented to Hongkong Electrical Holdings. Make sure you find following brief with this presentation. In this brief you will find the many factors that were considered, in its prep. These include the best approach with this specific market, how the matter had to be designed and limited to again match this specific audience’s needs, what cultural different types were made in this presentation, and what facets of the presentation will match the company.

The 21st century member of staff: Keeping employees motivated in a global economic climate


Worker motivation is crucial in today’s hyper-competitive, global business community; as such it is an appropriate subject for the speech to be presented to Hongkong Electric powered Holdings. You should find following the brief with this presentation. Through this brief there is the many elements that were considered, in its preparation. These include the very best approach in this specific viewers, how the theme had to be created and limited to again complement this specific audience’s needs, what cultural adaptations were made in this presentation, and what facets of the presentation will match the company.

Audience/Topic Assessment:

According to Terrence Doyle (1997), to analyze and assess the target audience, one need to consider the demographics from the audience, which include age, sex, religion, family members status, sexual orientation, educational level, and socio-economic category, the psychographics of the viewers, and the believability that the speaker will have while using audience. The demographic study of this audience begins together with the fact that it can be comprised of technical engineers. Hongkong Electric powered is a technical-oriented group, that primarily workers technical personnel which includes “many disciplines, which includes architecture, municipal, electrical, mechanical and electronic engineering. inches (“Recruitment, inches n. m. ) Certainly, it will be a grownup audience, and the most will have attained a higher education degree. It is usually surmised which a majority of associates will be guy, and of an increased socio-economic class on average, than if the presentation was being presented to the public.

The approach for this viewers that will be best is the one which is straightforward. For being an audience of engineers, they will also appreciate concrete plans they will implement for motivating all their employees, in contrast to theoretical advice. This topic will be of particular interest to this group, as many take part in the direct or indirect management of other staff, they are specific to find the subject of how to motivate their very own employees valuable.


The main topic of employee inspiration has been well researched, therefore there is a variety of information available. What will be of most interest to this audience will be the inspiration of Hard anodized cookware employees. Additionally , as they will typically always be managing jr . engineers, creating staff, and also other junior level professionals, discourse on higher-level motivators is most relevant. These elements were employed to limit and develop the subject.

Speech Summarize:


Employee motivation is important to your business’ success due to increased global competition

Cash is certainly not the only driving force, higher numbers of motivation are much more effective


The speaker’s unique skills that allow her to speak expertly about this topic

How Important Employee Inspiration is to Hongkong Electric

All their business is technical, they should hire and retain the greatest employees feasible to remain competitive

The areas their workers are typically in are civil, architectural, physical, electrical, and electronic executive. These are qualified workers which are not easily replaced if they are dropped.

In addition , their particular individual productivity directly impacts the company’s competitiveness and success

Competition for top talent is not just local, or even national, but instead on an international scale. (Earle, 2003, s. 244)

Maslow’s five amounts of needs while motivators (Simmons Drinnien, 1987)

Basic biological needs

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