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1879-1953, Russian innovative, head in the USSR

(1924-53). A Georgian cobblers kid named

Dzhugashvili, he joined up with the Social-Democratic party

although a seminarian and quickly became a specialist

revolutionary. Inside the 1903 party split (see BOLSHEVISM

AND MENSHEVISM) he sided with LENIN. Stalin

attended get together congresses in foreign countries and proved helpful in the

Georgian party press. In 1912 he visited St . Petersburg

where he was elected to the partys central committee.

Relating to this time this individual took the name Stalin (man of steel).

His sixth criminal arrest (1913) resulted in four many years of Siberian exile.

After the RUSSIAN REVOLUTION of March 1917, he

joined the editorial board of the party conventional paper Pravda.

If the Bolsheviks had taken power (Nov. 1917) he became

lenders commissar of nationalities. He also performed an

essential administrative part in the city war (1918-20). In

1922 Stalin was made general secretary of the get together.

Lenin, ahead of he died in the year of 1924, wrote a testament recommending

Stalins removing from the post because of his arbitrary

perform, but in the struggle to be successful Lenin, Stalin

was successful. By 1927 he had removed his erstwhile

allies BUKHARIN, KAMENEV, and ZINOVIEV, in 1929

TROTSKY, his main rival intended for the sequence, was exiled

from the USSR. Forcible farming collectivization and

breakneck industrialization began in 1928. The state of hawaii

instead of withering away, because Marx acquired foreseen, was

glorified. Nationalism was revived as socialism in one

region. The military was reorganized along czarist lines.

Conservatism permeated standard policy on art

education, and the family members. Political repression and terror

reached a height in the 1930s. In a public trial Bukharin

Kamenev, Zinoviev, and others were recharged with

a conspiracy to destruction the routine, they confessed and

had been executed. Tremendous numbers of ordinary citizens

as well fell victim. Stalins foreign policy in the 1930s

aimed at efforts to form alliances with Britain and

France against NAZI Germany, the 1939 Russo-German

nonaggression pact marked the failure of these efforts.

In 1941 Stalin took over the premiership from

MOLOTOV. The German invasion (June 22) found him

unprepared, by wars end (1945) twenty million Russians were



SEMINAR Stalin attained Western reputation of a

Soviet sphere of influence in Eastern The european countries. The

monomanía of his last years led to an interval of horror

reminiscent of the 1930s. On his death (1953) his body

was placed next to Lenins. In 1956, on the 20th Party

Congress, KHRUSHCHEV denounced Stalins tyranny

although destalinization has never been thoroughgoing




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