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1 . The theme of this publication was in search of types self.

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I chose this theme

because Catharine was in search of her self through the entire whole tale. Her

and her brother were taken captive by the Lenape Indian group and she had to

search to look for her personal throughout her time in captivity. In the beginning

when your woman was captured, it was awkward and confusing. This was mainly because she

was a Quaker and your woman didnt find out if your woman was today an Of india or even now a Quaker

because the Lenape werent going to returning her to her family.

She had to

search her individual self, and ultimately she became used to the way of Indian

life. She never did not remember her relatives, but the lady had come to take pleasure in her fresh family.

She got also turn into accustomed to her new lifestyle. After about a year of

coping with the Lenape, white guys came and took Catharine and her brother


This really made her confused because the lady had just found very little with

the Lenape and now this lady has to find very little with her own family again. She

never quite found herself with her people, although she would usually know in which

she truly belonged.

2The main character of this book was Catharine. She was strong-willed and


The lady was strong-minded when your woman had the skills to adjust to her

new ways of life. She was pulled coming from her older life, with her new lifestyle, back to

her older life. It absolutely was very difficult for her because both Quakers and the

Lenape were two very different civilizations. She discovered herself having mixed

feelings and lots of confusion, nevertheless she had the will to cope with it.

Catharine was likewise adjusting. Your woman was altering when the lady had to modify

to life with the Lenape. She were required to learn innovative ways of lifestyle, she was required to learn

how to make it through off the land. She also made her personal clothes and gathered


She also had to adjust to fresh customs. The Lenape religion and the

Quaker faith are very unique from eachother. Catharine tweaked to the

Lenape religion very well.


The Author published this book for a few reasons. 1st, she composed it

for entertainment. A lot of people want to read catalogs about yesteryear. Also

I have by no means read a book about Indians capturing a girl and her brother.

They will captured them because two members of the tribe misplaced their children

because the light men experienced killed these people. It was a different sort of book and individuals

like to read ebooks like it.

The author also wrote this book because the girl wanted to inform the readers

about how the white men treated the Indians. They will killed their very own people and

pennyless many treaties.

Likewise, it was a back and forth struggle. The light men

killed their people so did the Indians. In cases like this the Lenape took two

light children and raised these people in place of their particular murdered kinds. The

author told the story throughout the perspective of Catharine.

People love to

examine books such as this.

4. I absolutely enjoyed this book. I truly liked the simple fact that it was

historical fiction, because that is certainly my favorite.

I as well liked that Catharine

told the storyline through her own point of view. I could better understand her

condition. I discovered a lot out of this book. We learned a whole lot about the

scenario with the Indians and the white man.

The fact that the girl my personal age

was informing the story gave me a unique eyes into the past. I actually observed

the storyline through Catharines eyes. I will defiantly visit our website books by this

publisher. She do the finest task interpreting the history in the story and I

look forward to reading more books at this time author.

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